#TRIBE: The Truth Behind Building Life Giving Friendships

Oh friends my heart is just BEAMING with excitement about this lovelier than LOVELY post. Today I am talking abut something that I literally could NOT live without: my #girltribe. The #tribe that has my back no matter what. The #tribe that takes joy in loving me at my lowest. The #tribe that sees me at my core and loves me FOR my imperfections. This #tribe did not happen overnight, but it did happen intentionally as I spent time discovering the truth about building life giving friendships.

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Ahhh yes, friends. Indeed it is that time of the year and while many of you may be feeling oh so thrilled about the holiday season… some of you may also not so much be looking forward to one particular aspect of this time of year: BEING SINGLE. We all know that the holidays evoke endless amounts of cheery emotion, but one aspect that seems to jolt just about all of us single holiday goers is the thought of love. The “being single” factor just seems to hit a bit harder when you see all the couples cuddling by the fire, and buying one another adorable presents. Am I right?

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Hello loves! You may be wondering, why did the site just forward to kaitness.com, and what is this about thriving with purpose? WELL, today I have a BIG announcement for you (note all the exclamation marks!)!!!! If you could not already tell, today is a big day for Madly Mignon, because it is the day that Madly Mignon retires and a new baby is BORN. It was 3.5 years ago that I was inspired to start a fashion and lifestyle blog as a hobby to truly bring light and inspiration into the dark areas of fashion. I have had SUCH a blast sharing my style and passions with you all these last 3.5 years. It has been truly a joy, and boy have I learned a LOT.

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Friends, have you ever had those seasons in your life when you just feel like giving up? I mean really, and truly throwing up your hands and saying “that’s it, I am through“. My guess is that many of you have been in those seasons, and quite possibly many of you are feeling that exact way right now. You know what I am talking about, those seasons where everything seems to be going exactly the opposite of what you expected. One let down after another let down soon seem like you are just in a waterfall of let downs and can’t seem to find your way up for air.

I have been finding lately that a lot of people around me are currently in this season. A season when life doesn’t go according to plan. A season that truly hurts. By the end of this blog post I am hoping to do my best to answer the question of: “how to trust again when life hurts.”

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