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First of all, I just have to say a giant THANK YOU to everyone who read my latest post. I literally am BLOWN away by your love and support and encouragement. I am also in awe of the boldness by others sharing their stories. I am sincerely so touched friends… you make life so sweet and so special.

Today, as I write this post I want to be really candid with you lovely readers. I have been extremely busy the last few weeks and have found myself on the brink of exhaustion nearly every day. Even as I sit here writing this post I have 2 loads of laundry in, am making dinner, and still have endless emails to catch up on, not to mention my additional to-do list of 30+ items. As I have considered how I could more consistently add REST and BALANCE into my days, I have also thought about the one area of my life that has consumed me the most….Read More


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Hi lovely people of the internet! Have you ever had a massage and said “HECK YES, that was amazing!”, but then days later you feel just as bad as when you got the massage? Indeed, it is similar to dieting for years on end, but never being able to loose any weight. If that’s you and you constantly feel like your massages just are not doing the trick… let me introduce you to the beauty of something I like to call myofascial release [aka my secret overall body cure!]

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Do you ever find that you are always making others a priority over yourself? I have recently been listening to the amazing new podcast series called Thriving Beyond Belief, hosted by Cheryl Scruggs [she is SUCH a sweet woman]. In listening to Cheryl’s amazing podcast series, I have heard her ask each guest thus far what ‘thriving’ means to them. In hearing this question over and over [and also the amazing answers of each woman interviewed] it has brought me to think about what thriving actually means to me.

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Oh my dears! As a fashion, lifestyle and inspiration blogger, one aspect that I am also extremely passionate about that is also hugely important to my overall wellness is my HEALTH! As I have reflected about what I have shared with you over the years, one topic I have realized that has been quite lax is the area of my personal health and wellness. So alas, today I have decided to unveil up my own personal chapter of health and speak to you openly about my health journey [be prepared as you read, as it is a bit lengthy!]

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