Hello loves! You may be wondering, why did the site just forward to kaitness.com, and what is this about thriving with purpose? WELL, today I have a BIG announcement for you (note all the exclamation marks!)!!!! If you could not already tell, today is a big day for Madly Mignon, because it is the day that Madly Mignon retires and a new baby is BORN. It was 3.5 years ago that I was inspired to start a fashion and lifestyle blog as a hobby to truly bring light and inspiration into the dark areas of fashion. I have had SUCH a blast sharing my style and passions with you all these last 3.5 years. It has been truly a joy, and boy have I learned a LOT.

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Oh the endless amount of thoughts that come to our minds as we sit behind our corporate desks doing work that at times can feel aimless and uninspiring. If you’re anything like me you may find yourself thinking, “How in the world do I leave corporate and be my own boss?” It was approximately 14 months ago that I sat at my desk contemplating this exact question. I was currently captive to working 70+ hour work weeks. My roommate would frequently find me at home on the couch at midnight on my computer answering “just one more email”. On the weekends I would opt out of fun social activities because I either a) did not have enough energy or b) needed the extra time to finish my endless to do list. SIGH, I kid you not. I am actually getting exhausted just THINKING about my previous life in the corporate realm. Has anyone else ever ever felt this way?

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First of all, I just have to say a giant THANK YOU to everyone who read my latest post. I literally am BLOWN away by your love and support and encouragement. I am also in awe of the boldness by others sharing their stories. I am sincerely so touched friends… you make life so sweet and so special.

Today, as I write this post I want to be really candid with you lovely readers. I have been extremely busy the last few weeks and have found myself on the brink of exhaustion nearly every day. Even as I sit here writing this post I have 2 loads of laundry in, am making dinner, and still have endless emails to catch up on, not to mention my additional to-do list of 30+ items. As I have considered how I could more consistently add REST and BALANCE into my days, I have also thought about the one area of my life that has consumed me the most….Read More


OH MY LOVES! Yesterday marked the official start of NYFW for the Spring/Summer 2018 season + MAN am I ever excited to see all the new beautiful designs. As I sit here writing this post, much to all of your dismay I am actually not sitting in NYC thinking about all the amazing shows I will be attending tomorrow. Instead I am sitting here in good ole sunny California writing this blog post to you lovely people thinking of all the stereotypes that come from dreaming about the glorious fashion week experience.

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