TRUTH TALK: I used to photoshop my body.

Wow, friends today I am coming to you with my second ever TRUTH TALK post and this time, it is a VIDEO…. *happy dance*. Today’s topic is deeply and truly from the heart. As I have mentioned to you before, this series is meant to reveal some hard things I USED to believe about myself, rough things I’ve been through, or some current things I STILL struggle with. I will then share the TRUTHS I have now learned about these situations and things. My hope is to shine light on some areas we often do NOT want to talk about, but often DO struggle with.

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Jumping into the new year like…. BRING ON THE LOVE! Every year I decide on a new word that will be a key focus for the next year. Last year, my word was discipline and the Lord worked in my heart to help me to prioritize putting Him first daily. Honestly, this can sound easier than done you guys. It truly takes discipline in many areas to work out a physical routine and train your mind to take every thought captive to Him. It has been a stellar journey of practicing these things…. wowza have I ever learned a ton! BUT TODAY I come to you with the theme that I feel the Lord has impressed on my heart throughout 2017 to anchor and latch onto for 2018 which is: steadfast LOVE.

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FRIENDS! It is hard to truly believe that 2017 has actually come to a close. PHEW. THAT was a doozy.  I’m going to be super real with yall that 2017 felt like an emotional tornado. Trial after hardship after pain after heartbreak I sometimes felt like I was drowning in a mess of beautiful ruins. I say “ruins” because indeed there were points in this last year where my life looked like a pile of STUFF. Some days I had no idea what happened, and I often struggled with how to make it whole again.

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