My loves! I write this post to you as I sit and wait to board my train to none other than the amazing LONDON. If you have been following along on Insta-story you would have seen by now that for the last 5 days I have been exploring my city love of PARIS for Paris Fashion week! Because I am feeling so inspired by this city of fashion, I wanted to come to you loves with my favorite color trend of 2017: pink!

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Loves are you like me in that you love each + every part of your outfit, down to the very accessories? The accessories are like the cherries on TOP of each + every outfit. The outfit may look oh- so amazing, but that is just the base. You then have to add the frosting to your cake! AKA: the accessories.

I loveeeee accessories, but after much consideration, I have finally landed on one accessory that takes the cake, over + over again [wow SO many cake references today, you’re welcome!]. What is my accessory of choice?

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