Friends, have you ever had those seasons in your life when you just feel like giving up? I mean really, and truly throwing up your hands and saying “that’s it, I am through“. My guess is that many of you have been in those seasons, and quite possibly many of you are feeling that exact way right now. You know what I am talking about, those seasons where everything seems to be going exactly the opposite of what you expected. One let down after another let down soon seem like you are just in a waterfall of let downs and can’t seem to find your way up for air.

I have been finding lately that a lot of people around me are currently in this season. A season when life doesn’t go according to plan. A season that truly hurts. By the end of this blog post I am hoping to do my best to answer the question of: “how to trust again when life hurts.”

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Oh lovelies, today I come to you with such an open heart as I am prepared to dive into talking about a topic that is SO relevant and crazy near to my heart right now… that is the topic of rejection, and specifically rejection in heartbreak. This is a subject I have been praying about sharing for some time, but only recently have felt peace to share it with you all. Oh goodness do I ever KNOW that this is a topic filled with SO many amazing learnings, but also simultaneously so many painful feelings and emotions. In saying that I am ready to talk about this topic, I also want to make it known that I plan to start small and work my way up to sharing more with you all as I continue to navigate these waters finding myself in a season of actual, true heartbreak.

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me, too smiling and rising above the pain

*this photo was taken a few years ago and represents a girl who was very different than the woman she is today. Today, this woman stands here saying proudly me, too.

My lovely readers, today I come to you with a heavy, yet empowered heart as I choose to address the phenomenon that is touching and sweeping our world right now. As I sit behind my phone and my computer reading the countless status updates from friends and loved ones, I find my heart aching and feeling encouraged all at the same time. I have sat here for days debating whether or not to share my story with you loves, when suddenly something so important hit me.

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In the particular season I am in, I have been all about absorbing as much wisdom, encouragement, + healthy truths as much as I possibly can. I have never been a huge book reader or pod-caster but lately I have taken a giant right turn towards reading + listening. Most of my recent days have been filled with listening to books on Audible, or reading + journaling, or finding amazing new podcasts to enjoy. In doing this, I have noticed a theme in some of the books + podcasts I have been reading: the importance of being vulnerable.

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