Kaitness.com is a blog that empowers women to live joyfully and authentically through a thriving and balanced lifestyle. Kaitness encourages thriving with purpose and talks about a multitude of topics from relationships, dating, faith, health & wellness, beauty, style, career, and so much more.

A LITTLE ABOUT ME, KAIT (in case you were wondering).

Hey guys! You don’t even know how excited I am there you are here (giddy squeals). If you’re wondering who I am, all you have to know is I love making new friends and the fact that you’re reading this right now means you’re already a keeper! Okay, but who am I realllllyyyyy? I’m a fashion mogul, lifestyle and wellness blogger, and social media expert living in Los Angeles pursuing my dreams and thriving with purpose. I love macarons, morning walks in the California sun, anything sparkly, and tons and tons of wine nights.

On a deeper level, I am woman who loves Jesus with my whole heart, thoroughly treasures friendships, is passionate about finding balance in the chaos of life, is striving my best in career (and sometimes failing miserably), and makes plenty of mistakes while seeking a heck of a lot of grace in the process. Let’s be honest, this journey can be a bit messy, am I right? I don’t profess to have everything together, but it’s not about being perfect. It’s about being authentic and embracing where you are at today, mess and all. So for me, instead of being weighed down by the battles or things that don’t go my way, I choose to embrace it all as best as I can. Sometimes I fail miserably, but sometimes I succeed beautifully. In any case, I learn a heck of a lot and know that each part plays an irreplaceable part in my story (as it does for YOU too!).