Hello lovely lovely friends! If you’ve read my story you know that I spent the majority of my earlier career life working 60+ hours a week, working on the weekends, traveling nonstop, and sleeping no more than 6 hours a night. YAY sounds so much fun right?! Mmmm I think not. While from the view of many I was living out my “dream job” I was far from living a version of the live I truly dreamed of…. One filled with balance, wholeness, servitude, and a whole lot of THRIVING.

Along my health journey (you can read more of that HERE), I learned so many things that have helped me get to a better, and healthier version of myself. While there are many things that I do to “biohack” as I say, or help me navigate what is truly going on in my body to restore it to health, I have also discovered various practices that I can do for little to NO cost at all. Who doesn’t like FREE, right?

I have discovered various practices that I can do for little to NO cost at all. Who doesn't like FREE, right? Click To Tweet

So today I have compiled my very best of the best list of FREE self care essentials that will help you live your BEST life.


THIS IS ESSENTIAL FRIENDS. Yall have heard me say it before but I get so completely irked whenever I hear someone say “you can sleep when you are dead.” I am sorry NO, I do not want to wear myself out so thin that I have nothing left to give anyone else. We have to eradicate this message. Remove it from our minds entirely and instead refuel our bodies by giving it the restoration it deserves.

If you haven’t read Arianna Huffington’s, “The Sleep Revolution“, I totally and completely recommend it. She talks about how in starting the Huffington Post she worked herself We all need different amounts of sleep.

By helping us keep the world in perspective, sleep gives us a chance to refocus on the essence of who we are. And in that place of connection, it is easier for the fears and concerns of the world to drop away.”

I hear a lot of people constantly saying we just need more time in the day. IN fact, I myself have been guilty of saying this.


and Over.

and Over again.

But alas, when it really comes down to it, we don’t truly need more sleep. Rather what we actually need is more  STILLNESS. If we could find moments of stillness amidst our busy schedules, it could serve to reconnect us to Jesus. Help our minds calm down. It could also help with the illusion that everything is moving so fast paced, which can make it seem like there is not enough time, and instead re-inforce a sense of peace.

2. Take a break from Social Media

GASP. How dare I say that… right?! I couldn’t possibly…. But yet, I could… and I did.

So, there.

It is true that social media perpetuates comparison and negative self thoughts. It truly does whether we like to admit it or not. BLEH. And THEN, negative self thoughts can actually perpetuate anxiety and hopelessness. It can reinforce lies that we are unworthy and insignificant. It is an awful domino effect.

When you are feeling unhealthy or your body is feeling “off“, your emotions are that much more vulnerable and you are therefore susceptible to negative self talk. As such, the worst thing you can do is add fuel to that flame…Anddddd social media sometimes acts like the cherry on top of negativity and lowliness into our lives. If you are in a vulnerable state of health and want to start feeling better mind, body, soul… then I recommend getting rid of or severely limiting your social media intake.

Don’t freak out! I don’t mean give up on it forever, everything healthy in moderation! Rather, I just mean limiting its usage or deleting it for a bit of time so that you can focus on more positive, life giving thoughts. Baby steps, right?

3. Meditative Breathes

Seriously yall this is life changing. Truth be told, I used to struggle with panic attacks. I got so deep into my career that being stressed and not knowing how to manage it became the complete norm. I was stressed, but so was everyone else so that made it totally normal right?


Someone introduced me to the idea of healthy breathing techniques. This is a real thing and it is quite amazing if I do say so myself. I do a few different techniques, but my absolute favorite that gets me in a pinch is: Box Breathing.

BOX BREATHING: Inhale for a count of 4. Hold for a count of 4. Exhale for a count of 4. Hold for a count of 4 again. Repeat until you feel calm.

There are many other breathing techniques you can do too that are UBER beneficial with similar outcomes. You can check out this article on other meditative breathing techniques here.

4. Bathtime

Are you ready to bust out your bubbles & rubber duckies?! I AM SERIOUS [doesn’t that seriously sound fun?!]. Okay, maybe not the rubber duckies, but definitely the bubbles and all sorts of epsom salts. Believe it or not, baths are totally underrated and be such a time of relaxation and meditation. They can also be a time for you to detox, stay off your phone, and unwind from the world. I also use this time often to pray or read. My normal bath routine looks like this:

  1. Light candles.
  2. Turn off all the lights
  3. Put on calming music or a meditation app (The app CALM is amazing)
  4. Add Epsom salt and/or eucalyptus oil.

Ta-DA! I usually try to incorporate 1-2 soaking baths a week. #heaven.

5. Journaling

My favorite pastime. This takes me back to the days in middle school where I used to journal every thought/feeling/emotion I would have. Do yall remember those days? Come on now, they were SO sweet and so much fun. I felt like I was writing little secret notes to myself… so cute and so seriousssss.

In the past few years I have picked journaling as an adult back up and I! It is a beautiful place to vent. To vision. To process. AND to destress. It can truly be SO therapeutic…. like talking to your very own personal therapist- heyyooo!

So, I encourage you to work it into your daily practice of rest! Buy some fancy new pens and an adorable new journal, grab a cup of coffee, wear some cute jammies & curl up all ready for some fun journaling time.

6. Practice Gratitude

It is SO interesting how practicing gratitude and actually voicing the things you are grateful for can have a drastic impact on your overall life satisfaction. One thing I love to do is practicing mindful gratitude daily. Each day has it’s own challenges, but amidst it all, even on the WORST days, there are things to be grateful for. Through the stress and business of life, there is such a beauty and power in actually writing down what you are grateful for as a means to bringing you back to recognizing what a gift this life is.

And guess what? Practicing mindful gratitude actually seeks to help create neuronal pathways that encourage positivity and overall happiness. There is a science behind the importance of gratitude and how it can sincerely impact how you see yourself, and the world.

It also helps you to default to positivity over negativity, which is FANTABULOUS if you are feeling unhealthy, because again your emotions are likely very vulnerable and malleable.

I love this article by bulletproof on the science behind gratitude [ahem, clearly a bulletproof nerd over here- hiiiiii!]

OKIE FRIENDS, there are 6 of my FREE self care tips that will help you to live your BEST possible healthy life. I practice all of the above frequently, and each has been absolutely pivotal in my personal journey of seeking health and overall wellness. I am so thrilled to share them with you and hope you found these helpful! Even while some may be simple…. they are still so essential!

P.S. Though not a free self care tip, I could not leave this post today without referencing two of my absolute GO TO treatments that are essential to my health & wellness routine.

  1. I am a HUGE fan of regular massages to help reduce stress and invite an environment of peace. My favorite place for massages is Burke Williams and while I love going as much as I can, sometimes it is also a touch pricey! As such, because you know how much I love anything budget friendly, I was THRILLED to hear that they opened up a new affordable service called “simply massage” located here in Marina Del Ray. I recently went and was so grateful for my experience. Access to a luxury massage experience at a much more affordable price?! Yes please & thank you!
  2. You have likely heard me talk about it [and Insta story it!] before but I have been totally and completely OBSESSED with my new fav service endermologie. Not only does it help reduce cellulite, it also does a plethora of other wonderful things including: smoothing skin, helps significantly with inflammation, detoxes your entire body, and makes you feel SO rejuvenated! You can read more in detail HERE on my post about how CELLULITE BE GONE [it seriously works and is truly one of my best kept secrets]. If you have further interest you can contact my gem of a friend, Becca, HERE, or schedule online for an appointment. 

Live Loved,


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