I. cannot. believe. it. THE DAY HAS COMEEEE!

The Heart of Dating PODCAST is OFFICIALLY LIVE!!!

You may have noticed my absence the last few weeks on the blog, which is not without great reason (I promise you!). I actually made a strategic decision to put the majority of my time and efforts into working on something God significantly put on my heart.


SO! Truth be told, God put this on my heart for some time but only recently did I truly feel the boldness to step into this calling within the last 2 months.

Over the course of the last few years, I have developed a particular passion on the topic of dating in the Christian world. This has translate to multiple blog posts on my personal experiences in dating, love, heartbreak, and relationships… oh me oh my! ALSO! Last year I actually spoke at my church conference, Vintage Church LA, on the topic of “How to Date Well in Los Angeles”. 

As I started to navigate this topic more and more, I started to realize just how great it would be to have a central place for both men AND women to come together to hear more insight on this ever ambiguous topic. When it comes down to it, dating is a topic that many people need advice and input on, but are not always apt to know exactly where to get it! Indeed when I started telling a few people about the idea for this project so many people looked at me WIDE EYED because WOWZA it is difficult. BUT ALSO… kind of the point! Dating is MURKY and difficult, which makes it challenging, but also equally so exciting!


The purpose of this podcast, The HeART of Dating, is to unmask the ever so ambiguous world of dating in the Christian world. HERE IS THE DEAL…Dating is not explicitly discussed in the Bible, simply because at that time, dating did not exist! While there are resources spread out across the years, there are not many centralized areas where Christians can access dating advice, help, and guidance easily and in a fashion that is accessible.

My ultimate hope is that the HeART of Dating Podcast will start a healthy conversation for men and women and provide wise input and direction as we answer some tough questions and uncover some transformative ways to develop a healthy attitude and approach to dating as a Christian.

Not going to lie to you friends, there is not a TON out there that tells you about how to start a podcast. seriously. Which just means it has been quite the journey navigating this. Though difficult, it has been ohhh so exciting.

ALL THAT TO SAY, in order to make this as successful as possible…it is all about WORD OF MOUTH! SO!

(wellll, here is where I ask you for a FEW favors, please don’t hate me.. I love yall SO SO MUCH!)

1.) SUBSCRIBE on iTunes!

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4.) LISTEN AND LET ME KNOW YOUR THOUGHTS! Your feedback in invaluable to me!!

Okay that about covers it for today… you lovely amazing people!!! Bear with me as we embark on this journey, k?

SO, without further adieu let’s get to the HEART of the MATTER! 😉

Live Loved,


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