Today is the day I am NO LONGER making apologies for being such a girly girl.

Today is the day I say HOLD UP to anyone that looks at dressing up with a negative connotation.

Today is the day I OWN my passion for fashion & beauty while knowing it does not define my self worth or confidence.

TODAY IS THE DAY…. for you as well!

Here’s the thing. I used to be self conscious of my overly feminine style. I cannot tell you HOW many people have looked me up and down and said “Wow, you are SO dressed up.”. Why yes, yes I am dressed up, thank you for noticing! However, the problem I have with this statement is, when it comes followed by side eye and a tone of judgement.

It’s a TRUE statement that I am often found in full skirts. I love the color pink. I rarely wear jeans. I love wearing makeup and doing my hair in curls every day. Half of my closet consists of sequins. Red lips are my staple. Heels are my go to.

As a young girl I wore dresses and played outside. Even if I got dirty I still wanted to be girly. Frolicking in dresses at theme parks and sparkle sneaks was a given. I would often sneak into my moms closet and steal accessories and make the most interesting use out of them. I wore scarves as belts and made my own jewelry. In high school I was voted best dressed. I was probably one of the only girls wearing heels around the halls of 12th grade whilst everyone was running around in converse sneakers.

Funny story for you! In 5th grade, I vowed to do my hair a different way EVERY single day. Literally. Can you imagine that? I would spent one hour every day crafting a different unique style. The funniest part is, I succeeded! With crazy butterfly clips and a TON of gel and hairspray, I was able to make my hair stay in the WEIRDEST of unique positions.  Thanks to Princess Leia for at least making multiple buns on your head “cool”. Overall, I think it equated to about 200+ different hair styles that year. I am actually still impressed by that…. only a touch embarrassed. That took commitment!

All that to say, it was engrained in me from a young age to LOVE fashion and beauty and use it as an expression of my CREATIVITY. You see, just as some people are inclined to play an instrument, or to sing, or to draw, or to paint, or to write, or to craft…I used my creativity to develop fun and interesting styles. Fashion and beauty have always been a creative expression for me… you could say it’s always been a bit of an art to me if you will.

Over the years, I have often struggled with people always saying I am “the most dressed up person ever” almost with a negative connotation as though it is excessive to dress nicely and wear makeup. Battling these unfavorable messages from others that I was always the most dressed up person, made me often feel like I was an outsider.


Through searching my heart I learned to embrace that fashion is not my identity, but an outward expression of my inner personality. It’s true that a woman’s true beauty does not come from outward adornment, but rather from the heart of the woman.  This is FIRST and foremost the truth I have worked to discover throughout my life. After knowing this truth to the depth of my core, I ALSO strongly believe there is value in appreciating the value of being a fashionable and beautiful woman as God gave women physical beauty.

fashion is not my identity, but an outward expression of my inner personality. Click To Tweet

That being said, today I am here to share my struggle with fighting off the negative connotation that comes with being a stylish girly girl. A woman who loves fashion and beauty who embraces it every day. So my questions for you today are:

Have you ever been made fun of because of your style?

Have you ever been told you shouldn’t ever wear makeup?

Have you been made to feel less than or left out because of how you look?

This post is not just for my fellow girly girls. It is for ANY woman with ANY style who knows who she is at her CORE. I understand that sometimes people look at dressing a certain way as a means to cover up their insecurities. If that is you, if you find yourself struggling with uncertainty and insecurity then we absolutely and COMPLETELY need to do a heart check on ourselves. If you haven’t read any of them yet, I have done a full month long series to start out 2018 dedicated to LOVING yourself and owning your uniqueness in all it’s glory. I walk through the struggles of comparison here, how to battle insecurities here, how to love your body here, owning your story here, and what it means to have a deep steadfast love here.

All that to say, the FIRST STEP in being able to truly own your style and express beauty and fashion as a means of your personality, is knowing WHERE your identity lies and where it does not. It does NOT lie in what other people think about you. It does NOT lie in covering up flaws to look perfect. It does NOT lie in dressing the best to outshine others. It does NOT lie in looking good to mask inner hurts and pain. Fashion and beauty are NOT your identity, but rather, they are a creative expression of your own unique, you.

The FIRST STEP in being able to truly own your style and express beauty and fashion as a means of your personality, is knowing WHERE your identity lies and where it does not. Click To Tweet

How can YOU embrace your style and beauty as an expression of YOUR personality verses the main ingredient of your identity? Some food for thought today.

Live Loved,


Skirt: Chicwish | Jacket: Chicwish | Shoes: Aldo | Sunnies: Wyeth [also love]

Photos by Ana


  1. I absolutely love this!! wow… you know what’s funny… I vowed in 8th grade to wear a different OUTFIT as long as i could without repeating a single one. I succeeded for about 3 months before I repeated an outfit hahaha! Wow…I love hearing your process and your story!! This is such incredibly valuable words to take to heart! xoxo

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