Friends it has been QUITE the year, hasn’t it? Today on the official second day of 2018 I am looking backward to propel FORWARD into greatness that lies ahead..specifically for Kaitness.com! I am so grateful for what this year meant for me on a personal level, and how that has been able to outpour and TRANSFORM Kaitness.com into what it is today!

I truly believe that sobering reflection on the past allows us to help answer the question of who we are based on where we can from and the lessons learned along the way. There is SO much to be learned throughout sober reflection, which I tend to do for myself as much as possible. SO! I come to you today with a reflection on some of my greatest, most beloved posts from 2017 that I believe are a representation of my heart in my mission of thriving with purpose.

ALAS! Today I want to share with you some of these amazing posts from 2017 because 1) if you missed them this is your time to catch up and 2) it has helped me to reflect on what I am truly passionate about bringing you in 2018!

Also, after sharing these favorite posts with you, I am going to let you in on some of my aspirations, dreams, and plans for 2018. I truly believe that this next year holds SO much in the future of Kaitness.com that I am ecstatic to share with you!


DATING: LOVE, HEARTBREAK & all the things in between

This by FAR became one of my favorite topics of 2017… and I am thrilled to say this topic will 110% continue in 2018. I find dating to be one of THE most fascinating topics especially in the Christian world because it is the one topic that there is little to no direction on biblically. I have been through a variety of experiences and watched friends similarly struggle through a plethora of different situations. All of that to say, there are many behind the scenes exciting things I am working on to dive deeper into the topic of Dating: love, heartbreak & ALL the things in between. If you actually have anything specific you want me to talk about or questions YOU have in this area, please, pleaseeeee email me at kait@kaitness.com.

10 Ways to Rethink the Dating Process

Dating Lessons from the Breakup-EE

Heartbreak:Redirection vs. Rejection

Dating: The Struggle is Real: Part 1

Dating: The Struggle is Real: Part 2

Dating: The Struggle is Real: Part 3

FAITH.. Jesus is the man!

This topic is clearly a HUGE part of my heart, friends, because it is where the crux of my entire identity comes from! You will find that though many of my posts have a thread of faith throughout, I also have established a fully FAITH section based on key things the Lord has taught me in

How to Trust again when life Hurts

The Importance of Vulnerability

The Key to Making Decisions


Okay so this section only has ONE post thus far because I JUST launched it two weeks ago… BUT, this is just the beginning. My hope is to actually bring you VIDEO content along with these bi-weekly truth talk series to talk about true struggles I have dealt with and the TRUTH that I now know and see now regarding those issues. To THAT point, my hopes that this section will be an eye opener to things we often don’t want to admit, but often struggle with. My desire is that being vulnerable through these topics that we can first of all connect, and secondly that we can shine line to dark lies that we often believe about ourselves and others.

TRUTH TALK: It Can Be Hard to Accept Compliments


Style will always remain a tried and true topic for me. While you have started to see less and less style posts in 2017, you will still see them sprinkled in throughout 2018. In my recent survey last month, you guys said you still wanted to see style posts and I heard yaaaaaa!

To start, if you have NO idea about my fashion journey, that is NOT a problem at all because I actually wrote alllll about it recently! You can read that post below in how Fashion has changed my life before doing anything else!

My Fashion Journey and How It Changed My Life- Review Collab

Then let’s get to some of my favorite style collaborations of this last year!! I was able to work with some truly amazing brands that I LOVE advocating for! I will always commit to bringing you content that is true and authentic to me as a blogger and woman who embraces style as an outward expression of my personality.

Red White and Blue- Tuckernuck Collab

How to Survive the Holidays Single- Maggy London Collab

Life. Spend it Well with Marks & Spencer


I love love loveeee this category!! Though this will always remain a more secondary category on the blog next to faith, relationships and style, I still absolutely LOVE talking about health & wellness as it plays a huge part of my life. I really started diving into this category a few months ago when I share my personal health story and the hard lessons I had to face head on when my body started to be plagued with crazy imbalances due to work/life stress– see below!

My Health Journey

Through this category, I go through various ways to truly seek self CARE and prioritize yourself in and through the chaos of life. I have found throughout the years that sacrificing my health for the sake of social outings and piles of crazy work life can over time manifest itself into a series of health problems, stresses, and overall life imbalance. Yes, I have learned the hard way that prioritizing health and wellness is ESSENTIAL in everyday life and I want to encourage YOU to do the same!

Treatment That’s BETTER Than a Massage- With Expert Meki Blackwell

Social Media: How to Optimize and Find Balance

7 Ways to Thrive and Be Healthy

workout fascia massage athletic wear friends


It is no secret that us women desire to feel beauty in and through ALL that we do. One way that we embrace beauty is through physically taking care of ourselves. I truly believe caring about beauty is essential to embrace how beautifully and wonderfully we were crafted. Here are a few beauty driven posts from 2017 that I truly love!

I Got Long Hair with HairDreams!

Beautiful Scents and How They Make Me Feel

Last but not least, I also did a post last year that did not fit perfectly into any specific category. However, it was one that I truly wanted to share for personal reasons to instill a deep sense of community for any woman who has been a victim of sexual assault or harassment. That post, my me, too story, can be read below.

Me, Too


Friends, I am hopeful, expectant, and EVER So excited for what 2018 is GOING to bring. I have nearly zero doubts that this year will be one of the best yet! With that, I am absolutely thrilled to share with you just a few things that are on my heart for 2018!

  • Even MORE posts on Dating, Heartbreak, and Relationships [My #1 topic from 2017!]
  • Diving deeper into the topics Self Worth, Self Love, and Comparison
  • More freebie’s and in detail guides based on my learnings that will be helpful for YOU!
  • A #TRUTHTALK series to be written bi-weekly and eventually include VIDEOS for an even more intimate picture of my heart on difficult topics.
  • A PODCAST! Yes, that is RIGHT!!! A huge desire on my heart has been to start a podcast, and well, if all goes well I would love to launch a podcast later in 2018… stay tuned on the topic! 😉
  • More inspirational public speaking at events and conferences… ahh so exciting!
  • More Instagram Lives to connect with you weekly, and eventually Facebook Lives as well! Folow me on instagram HERE.

Friends I wish you could see the giant SMILE on my face as I share my heart with you all on the best of 2017. I could not be more thrilled about what 2018 has to bring for kaitness.com and BEYOND! Truly I could not do it without you, your constant support, your willingness to be vulnerable with me, and your helpful feedback. It almost feels insignificant to just say THANK YOU, but well, THANK YOUUUUUU– in the most sincere, grandest, humble, truly deep of ways… the gratitude that has filled and surrounded my heart by you, my amazing readers, community, and friends, is SO beautifully overwhelming!

2018, we are READY to Thrive with PURPOSE!

Live Loved,



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