TRUTH TALK: It can be hard to accept compliments.

When someone tells you that you are beautiful, do you really and truly believe them?

I find that accepting compliments can actually be QUITE difficult, especially on the days I am just not feeling it. Can anyone else relate? Hmm, I WONDER why this happens. This brings me to today’s #truthtalk.

Compliments are lovely and always filled with positivity, so why do we often default to rejecting them in our heads? The simple answer I have found is that sometimes I struggle to feel worthy, and maybe you do too. Sometimes maybe we feel as though we can’t accept a compliment, because the person is speaking about something that we don’t fully believe ourselves…YIKES! Often, the core root of WHY we are unable to receive the compliments being sent our way, is because we do not fully grasp a deep rooted love for ourselves. Even if the information being given to us is positive, when we do not have an affinity for our own self worth, any positive reinforcement can seem inauthentic.

Often, the core root of WHY we are unable to receive the compliments being sent our way, is because we do not fully grasp a deep rooted love for ourselves. Click To Tweet

Do you ever receive a compliment and then say “Oh stop it!.” or, “There’s no way.” or ,”Really? You’re just saying that!” or, “I couldn’t possible look good, it’s been a long day.” The #truth is, I have been guilty of this too many times.

In fact, I used to be the person that when someone said I was beautiful I would say “thank you” and immediately compliment them back. It’s funny how often we do this. Internally I was thinking “They complimented me and I am not even sure it is true, so I owe it to them to at least compliment them back.” What this actually can be, however, is a divergence of actually ACCEPTING the truth for what it really is…. that we are beautiful, lovely, kind, and gifted. 

Diverting compliments means we are avoiding ACCEPTING the truth for what it really is.... that we are beautiful, lovely, kind, and gifted. Click To Tweet

SO I think the deeper question that comes out of accepting compliments is asking yourself, what do YOU truly believe about yourself? How do you see yourself? OR, what if we took it a step further and asked, what does God think about you? Who does God say that you are? Heck, if the God of the universe says you are “fearfully and wonderfully made” [Pslam 139:14], the same God that crafted the entire planet, formed all of mankind, and performed countless miracles, then MAYBE we should think about listening to Him. Don’t ya think?

Hear it! You are fearfully and wonderfully made, my friend. You can walk into a room and own that beautiful dress. Your makeup can be flawless for the day. You can have a gorgeous singing voice. You can have a heart of gold. You can have a smile that is contagious. You are ever so lovely in SO so many ways.

Genesis 1:27 says that “God created mankind in His own image, in the image of God He created them.” We were actually created IN God’s image. Wait, so if we use words like “Brilliant, Extraordinary, Loving, Flawless, Perfect“, to describe God, and we in fact were created IN HIS IMAGE, then why can we not also start translating some of these truths into the vocabulary we believe about OURSELVES?!

“You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you.” Songs of Solomon 4:7

Jumping off of this amazing verse from Songs of Solomon, I want to remind you today that you and your mess are altogether beautiful, lovely, amazing, and one of a kind. Today, when someone tells you they like your outfit, smile and say “Wow, thank you so much, it was a fun one to pick out today!”. Today when someone says you have a gorgeous voice, than them genuinely and say “That is so kind of you, thank you!”

You and your mess are altogether beautiful, lovely, amazing, and one of a kind. Click To Tweet

For years I was unable to truly accept the love and truth that was behind the compliments I was receiving. If you are like me, I encourage you to dig deep into accepting the TRUTH about who God says you truly are, and start allowing the genuine messages of others reinforce the fact that you are crafted uniquely and oh so lovely.

PS. Y’all voted and today is the LAUNCH of a new blog series called #truthtalk. Through these posts I will reveal some hard things I used to believe about myself, rough things I’ve been through, or some current things I STILL struggle with. Then, I will share the TRUTHS I have now learned about these things. This is all about being super vulnerable and honest with you guys, in the hopes to connect on topics that maybe YOU all struggle with sometimes too. Let me know what you think. I’m excited!

Live Loved,


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