Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful… slash oh my goodness this season is beautiful but the only thing frightful right now is how busy I am with all the things! Red alert red alert! Can anyone else relate? While we all love the joy and fellowship that comes during the Holiday season, something we ALL face (whether we like it or not) is being crazy busy and running around like crazy like a flock of reindeer trying to make it to every house on Christmas night. WORD.

I have spent a lot of time over the last 2 years focusing on boundaries and implementing these in my personal, work, and family life. However, whenever the holidays roll around some of these so called “rules” seem to go right out the window as I am persuaded by fun friend get togethers and themed activities. So today I want to talk about 5 new ways to make your Holiday Season more restful and BALANCED!

The ultimate way to ruin your holiday season is to be SO busy that you can barely even slow down for a moment to see what in the WORLD is going on. So, today I want to give you some truly practical (and reasonable) ways to stay balanced this seasons!

1.Be empowered to say NO.

There is no doubt there will be a plethora of Holiday events that you will be invited to this season. Holiday mixers, work parties, wine nights, brunches, gift exchanges and MORE. Yes, I know they are all probably going to be a blast and if you could multiply yourself into 5 different persons you could probably be at them all. But for your own sake of sanity and to foster proper rest, you must learn to say NO to some things.

Say NO even when the #FOMO is soooo real. Yes, you may be missing that event, but ask yourself this: “Is it worth it to go to that event and run myself down and then be tired for the next 3 days?”. I mean, is it really? Even if you think you have the energy or can make the time, there are so many consequences going on behind the scenes in your body. As much as many of us would like to be, we aren’t superhuman. We need proper sleep and rest. I promise you that if you prioritize saying no to make room for rest, your mental and physical health will thank you…. AND you will be able to enjoy the holiday season healthy and truly happy (from the inside OUT!).

2. Say YES to yummy things (in moderation). 

Ohhhh this one is TOUGH, do I ever know it. This is the time of year when all the yummy things come out. The delicious meals, amazing themed drinks, and ALL THE SWEETS. To be SO strict that you won’t eat ANY of it kind of takes the entire fun out of the festive season. I mean, who honestly wants to be the buzz kill at a holiday party that says “Sorry, I’m on a diet.” during the Holidays. People will look at you with a blank stare like “Fa realllllly dude?!” Don’t be that person, friends!

While this is definitely not the time to start your new diet, what I would recommend so that your body does not go complete crazy is limiting your intake per even this season. Maybe that means committing to only having 1 category of yumminess: be it a fun themed drink, or whatever deserts your heart desires, or other yummy themed foods. Make sure you are not overindulging for the sake of indulging. 

In conclusion, everything in moderation, but above all else LISTEN to your body!

3. Schedule in “ONE “me” night per week (at least!)

Oh friends this is a priority! At the end of the day, NOTHING should take precedence over YOUR own personal mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. Say it with me, YOU CANNOT DO IT ALL. That’s right, you are just one person and you simply cannot be everywhere at every time. NEWS FLASH: Having a different commitment every night of the week during the Holidays is not only not productive, but it is always EXHAUSTING beyond belief. Even if you think you are the energizer bunny, even that has a battery that is eventually going to die.

DO NOT let yourself get to the point of true exhaustion. Save yourself by scheduling in a minimum of one “me” night per week this season… no if’s and’s or BUT’s! I have actually gotten into the habit of putting my “me” night onto my calendar as an event. Therefore, if someone asks me if I am free, I look and see I am busy and say “Nope I have plans that night.” Yes, those plans may just be me, pajamas, a face mask, and bed by 10pm… but they are PLANS and I’m busy yo!

4. BE PRESENT (don’t just have presents).

I know you are wrapping a TON of presents this season… but this should not get confused with the actual meaning of being “present” as it relates to the holiday season. When we overcommit ourselves, we often do so at the sake of not having a clear mind. We are constantly thinking about what we need to do next, or where we need to be next at the expense of actually savoring the moment we are actually in.

I don’t know about you guys, but this happens to me FAR too often. You know, like when you ask someone a question and then they proceed to answer, and while they start to talk your mind shifts elsewhere completely so much so that you have NO clue what they even said and YOU asked the question. Face palm. This is the worst. Do yourself a favor and consciously make a decision to mentally leave all the other priorities at the door. Your work life, emotional life, to-do list… don’t let your personal agenda get in the way of truly 1) enjoying every moment of quality time with friends 2) actually being there for someone who may need you to truly listen to them!

5. Be a vessel for PEACE and JOY

This time of season can be a time that brings joy, but also can tend to sometimes spark conflict or anxiety, especially amidst families! While you may loveeeee your family, I know that there are times where conflict seems to arise out of no where and you have to suddenly choose how you are going to respond. This year, I urge you to not set your response mode to it’s default settings. RATHER, consciously choose to think about each and every word you are speaking and reaction you are having.

Last but not least, I want to talk to you about the amazing brand sponsoring this incredible post. Not only do they have truly beautiful clothing, but they are also true advocates for promoting BALANCE in personal well-being for both physical/mental health during this Holiday season. Maggy London knows that since the holidays can be stressful and busy we NEED to set aside time to take care our ourselves and avoid getting caught up in the stresses of the season so we can focus on what really matters. I am CLEARLY all for this! I love brands that promote a message of inspiration and true wholistic health! Also, it just so happens they have some absolutely BEAU-TIFUL holiday outfits perfect for Christmas and News years out there right now, just sayin’ (like this fierce sequin dress).

How are YOU going to strive to find balance this Holiday season?

Live Loved,



Sequin Dress: Maggy London

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Photos by Stef Marie

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