Friends! It is finally here. A few weeks ago I asked you all if you would be interested in me doing a blog post on gift guides with a TWIST. Right now, there are tons of gift guides on the market from amazing bloggers that do a FABULOUS job at giving you the best of the best fun gift ideas. Because they do such a fabulous job, I truly believe they have it covered when it comes to awesome holiday gift guides that are fun and holiday specific. SO when I asked you all about doing a gift guide that was a bit different, I got excited to hear that you would be interested in this fun different concept!

SO ALAS! I have created a fun new gift guide that is unlike many others. Gifts are so lovely to give, but what IF we changed the way we got gifts, just a touch? What IF we truly thought about giving gifts based on specific needs of our friends and family? What if we addressed the season of life they were in and bought the something that could significantly make a different for them in that season?

Thoughtful gifts like this extend beyond just the holidays because they can be given ANY time of year for ANY reason. Maybe your friend is going through a truly season of sadness and heartbreak and you want to get them something encouraging or specifically mood lifting. Maybe your friend is a workaholic and never gets to rest or find time for balance. Maybe your friend deserves the Best Parent of the Year award but never actually get a day off or even a moment to think about their own needs.

I find that as I look around at friends in my life, there are so many in different season with various different needs. And for me, I’d love nothing more than getting them something that will truly a) brighten their day in a special way or 2)

SO! What’s in it?

I’m SO glad you asked! I have come up with 6 main needs and gifts under each one. I have spent a huge amount of time putting this together because I TRULY wanted it to be thoughtful and bring you gifts that I personally love from brands I truly believe in. So, guess what?! Every single brand/product/service listed in this gift guide I have used myself and personally LOVE. You guys get promoted to enough I KNOW that (also because I am similarly promoted to all of the dang time). My goal is to never promote anything simply for the sake of promotion!

My true hope is that this gift guide will extend for you BEYOND just the holidays and will be something you can utilize all year round to truly bless the lives of your friends and family with very specific needs in their current seasons. Gifts are already such a true treasure, but then to give a gift that will truly help someone in a specific season they are in is just a true BLESSING!

SO here is how it works! The gift guide is FREE as a bird! All you have to do is sign up with your name and email below and you will get this oh so lovely gift guide emailed to you instantly for FREE download! I mean, because who doesn’t love free, useful stuff, rightttttt?!

NOT ONLY are you getting a free amazing guide in exchange for your name and email, but want to know what else you get for giving me your email?!?! Indeed! You will get weekly updates from me on topics that YOU want to hear about. I will be sending you inspiring content, life updates and learnings, and even more FREEE guides all to benefit and serve YOU. Being on my email list is not a one way street. I am mainly concerned about getting to know YOU as a reader (and my new friend). I want to know how YOU’RE doing, what inspires YOU, and what YOU need advice on. This isn’t about me, it’s about YOU lovely amazing, beautiful from the inside out, supportive, unique, readers….the ones I cherish a whole lot.

SO, if you want access to a thoughtful gift guide that will truly make a difference in the life of your friend or family member, sign up in the box below this post and be on your way to giving a gift with meaning!

What are you waiting for?

Live Loved,



  1. Love this! People think I try to win makeup and fashion because just why not but it’s so much more than that. I spend almost 20 hours a day mostly by myself taking care of 3 children including a son with autism and a daughter who’s showing more signs of adhd daily. I try to give them everything from love happiness to an amazing Christmas I haven’t had a present under the tree in like 9 years and the idea that someone would think about me just to make me happy is everything. I don’t have a mom or any of that I am the mom I just like what you said about gifting people something they really need for their life style specifically and I know makeup and fashion being my top sounds silly but I’m a mess sometimes makeup and fashion not a mess you can feel like a woman again not just a hard working mom if any of this makes sense lol I just love what you said

    1. Dearest Melissa! What an amazing and thoughtful comment, thank you so much for being so thoughtful and expressing your thoughts! Wow, you are quite the supermom if you ask me…You do SO much and are juggling many different aspects at once which inspires me in many ways! You are MORE than deserving in getting a beautiful, special gift especially for how SELFLESS and sacrificial you have been as a mom. I am praying that this Christmas you feel SO loved and get pleasantly surprised by something that will truly treat YOU. Thank you again for this heartfelt comment! Sending you love! <3

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