Hello loves! You may be wondering, why did the site just forward to kaitness.com, and what is this about thriving with purpose? WELL, today I have a BIG announcement for you (note all the exclamation marks!)!!!! If you could not already tell, today is a big day for Madly Mignon, because it is the day that Madly Mignon retires and a new baby is BORN. It was 3.5 years ago that I was inspired to start a fashion and lifestyle blog as a hobby to truly bring light and inspiration into the dark areas of fashion. I have had SUCH a blast sharing my style and passions with you all these last 3.5 years. It has been truly a joy, and boy have I learned a LOT.

Somewhere along the way, namely just about a year and 2 months ago I started feeling that this blog represented much more than just my amazing style inspo, awesome trend recs, and fun travel adventures. I started realizing that while of course I LOVE style with everything in me, I also am passionate about so much more than just style. In fact, if my life was a 7 layer cake, style is really just the icing on top. The extra extra something special if you know what I’m saying. What is even more interesting than the tasty icing are all the layers underneath.

In truly digesting this thought over the last year I have began to share more and more blog posts from the heart, about topics that are all so relevant and important to me. I also just recognized the need to be REAL with you all from the inside out. This last year I started to talk about topics ranging from faith, to dating (ha, my fav!), beauty, style, career, relationships, health & wellness and MORE. While fashion and style have been mixed in, what I have really noticed is a community who needs and wants to talk about life on a deeper level.

So without further adieu, I welcome you to the world of:

Kaitness: Thriving with Purpose!

Kaitness empowers women to live joyfully and authentically through a thriving and balanced lifestyle. 

EEEEEP I wish you could see me jumping up and down behind the computer right now as EXCITED AS EVER about this baby being born. My desire with rebranding Madly Mignon into Kaitness is to really reveal you the CORE of who I am: a woman who loves Jesus with her whole heart, thoroughly treasures friendships, is passionate about finding balance in the chaos of life, is striving her best in career, and makes plenty of mistakes while seeking a heck of a lot of grace in the process.

Let’s be honest, this journey can be a bit messy, am I right? It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being authentic and embracing where you are at today, mess and all. So for me, instead of being weighed down by the battles or things that don’t go my way, I choose to embrace it all as best as I can. Sometimes I fail miserably, but sometimes I succeed beautifully. In any case, I learn a heck of a lot and know that each part plays an irreplaceable part in my story.

Why Thriving with Purpose?

Thriving to me means functioning in all areas of life fully and wholly, prioritizing my mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical health in all that I do and seeking consistently to bring Jesus into the fabrics of every detail of my life to maintain that consistency. So through this blog plaftform of Kaitness.com I hope to encourage you all to come alongside me on this journey to thrive with specific purpose. Let’s join one another to live each day with meaning, intention, love, grace, and balance…. because living our BEST life is the only way to really live.

So, what’s next?

Kaitness is not in any way a means for me to glorify myself or tell you that I have all the answers. I can tell you right now that I definitely DO NOT. In fact, that is the beauty of it. I am hoping that I can share with you the insight I have through my life thus far, and in turn learn a TON about YOU all. What you need, love, desire, and even, what you are struggling with. My biggest goal is for this to be a collaborative effort so I can get to know you more and SERVE you better in the process.

You will start to see more and more posts on the topics I discussed above, and you will even see me start to create some fun and amazing guides to share with you all! *I AM SO EXCITED*. But this truly won’t be successful unless we make it a dual effort. Please email me, comment, DM me on Instagram… anything to let me know how you’re doing, what inspires you most, and also what YOU want to hear more about. Again, this isn’t about me, it’s about YOU lovely amazing, beautiful form the inside out, supportive, unique, readers….the ones I cherish a whole lot!

So what do you say, are you ready to join me as we begin thriving with purpose together?

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