Hello beautiful people! I am SO excited to be writing this post as I sit here in my comfy cozy warm Christmas pajamas with candles burning and the sweets sounds of Holiday music playing. ‘TIS THE SEASON friends, and I could not be more excited! That being said, who else gets SO excited about Christmastime and suddenly a little anxious? I am raising my hand because INDEED there are times that I find myself just a touch anxious about one particular subject: gift giving!

If you know me, I am a bit of a perfectionist which means I almost always have to rack my brain for hours, days, and even weeks before pulling the trigger on the PERFECT gift for someone I love dearly. It can become far too stressful if we make it that way. And, at the heart of it gift giving is meant to actually be the opposite. It is meant to bless someone else. It is meant to put a smile on someone’s face, and in turn put a smile on your face as well. It is meant to show love and appreciation through a meaningful token. It is a moment to share in joy and thanksgiving with one another.


1.Think of how your gift serves the other person.

I find it is best to truly think about the needs of the other person and get them something that will bless a need they have. Is the gift truly something that person will use, or is it just something you personally love? Maybe the need is love and comfort, so I buy them a beautiful encouraging book. Maybe the need is financially being forced to cut out something they can no longer afford, so I buy them a gift card to their favorite activity of choice! Do you catch my drift? It is SUPER important to think of the actual end goal of the gift. How can you not only bring a smile on their face, but also serve their greatest needs in the process?

2.When in doubt, give something that can’t be bought! 

I love this one you guys because a truly, loving, gift sometimes cannot be bought. Maybe this year versus of buying that person the newest technology they are raging over, instead you make them a homemade meal complete with their favorite wine, delicious desert, and a handwritten letter addressed personally to them on their table setting. If you are talented at arts and crafts, maybe you paint a piece of art or make them something they cannot find at a store. My mom is very simple when it comes to gifts. The ONLY thing she ever asks for every year is a handwritten letter from yours truly. She collects them each year, frames them, and cherishes them. It is simple, but so very meaningful to her because it comes from the heart. (OH, and she also asks for no fighting… but errrr well, we do our best. 😉 )

3. Give a gift that keeps on giving! 

This gifting option has SO many different options!!!! Maybe your gift is actually going to help to serve the community. Maybe your gift is something that is fully reusable and can be used over and over and over, like a good book that they read then pass along to a close friend who needs it. Maybe it is a gift that the person can use to SHARE with others, like a gift card to their favorite restaurant where they treat friends to a lovely meal.

….OR MAYBE….Indulge with me for just a second…

The thing that sometimes I dislike about the Holidays is that it comes down to just ONE day of presents. One and done.  Hours of shopping and planning and wrapping and in 1 hour everything is unwrapped and finished. SIGH. It feels like so much effort and work for just one hour of joy. Does anyone else feel that way?

BUT ALAS… WHAT IF, there was a way to get a little treat every single day leading up to Christmas??? Personally, that would kind of be my favorite thing imaginable. WELL, friends, today I have some amazing news for youuuuuu. I want to end this blog post by giving you a GIFT, that I personally love!!! Today I want introduce you to my favorite little gift for this holiday. It is an adorable and amazing concept of a gift that gives you a special treat every single day leading up to Christmas! [For all my beauty lovers out there, you will love itttttt!]

Introducing…The L’Occitane Advent Calendar!

This amazing present truly gives a gift every day leading up to Christmas… 24 gifts to be exact!! It is perfect for the person that you know will be over the moon because they love gifts and beauty product combined. You literally get a new little L’Occitane goodie each and every day and let me tell you, it is SO MUCH FUN!

I also particularly love the L’Occitane brand in general, and I know many lovely ladies who do as well and would be beyond thrilled about receiving one of these amazing advent calendar gifts! So because I love you all so much, I have decided to give you a little insight into my favorite goodies that await you in this amazing sweet gift.

L’Occitane Advent Calendar Favs!

  • Cherry Blossom Hand Cream- It smells delightful and makes my hands as soft as butter. Mmmmm YES!
  • Immortelle Oil Makeup Remover- I sometimes feel like my makeup NEVER fully comes off. This lovely stuff make sure everything is all gone and my skin is as bare as a babies bottom [ha!]. It also has lovely essential oils in it so my skin eats it all right up.
  • Shea Butter Lip Balm- Who isn’t in need of a fierce Lip Balm in the winter months? This one is delightful and makes my lips feel supple and protected agains the harsh winter winds!

Oh my lovely dears, I am beyond thrilled that the season for celebrating the Holidays is upon us! As you start thinking about your Christmas gifts this season, how will you rethink your gift giving?

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