Hello dearest friends and lovely readers! How are you this oh so lovely and wonderful Tuesday? I am SO excited to write this splendid post today because I feel like my soul just always lets out a giant SIGH when I get to reflect about the best of the previous month. So let’s do this!

If you have any desire to read some of my past posts on reflecting on gratefulness from previous months and what I am most grateful for, you can read May, June, July, and August! So, let’s do this shall we?

1. Paris

If you know anything about me, you know that my heart is most on fire and inspired by the gorgeous city of Paris, France. This last month, my business partner, Kat Hennessey, and I got to take a trip to the gorgeous city of love and lights to celebrate being in business for ONE year together! What a truly joyous trip for many reasons. 1. Being in my favorite city of all time 2. Being in the city DURING Paris Fashion week 3. Being there on the occasion to celebrate being in business together for one year!!

I could feel the joy swelling in my jet lagged body as the plane descended into Charles De Gaulle airport. Not going to lie, I de-boarded the plane and immediately noticed signs in french and had the hugest smile on my face. Le sigh. I was BACK! Kat was supposed to actually arrive in Paris the same evening, but due to a series of unfortunate events, she got stuck in Copenhagen. Alas, my first full day in Paris was spent all by my lonesome self. While at first I was SO bummed that my dearest Kat was not there to share in day one of Paris magic, I began to start seeing the situation as an amazing opportunity to experience Paris in ALL it’s glory on my own. So, I decided I was going to have a date…a date with Jesus that is! I proceeded to walk around Paris soaking in all of my favorite sites and listening to worship music. I quite literally strolled, journal in hand, through the Musee du Louvre listening to beautiful praise music. Good golly, my heart was SO full.

The entire trip to Paris spoke to my heart in such beautiful ways. I have come back feeling inspired…feeling so satisfied… feeling SO full of delicious bread and cheese… feeling so thankful… and feeling more loved than ever by Jesus. If you have never gotten the chance to go to Paris, I urge you to… ASAP. While you may not fall in love with it quite as much as I did… surely it will captivate you in some way!

2. Reading

Oh goodness this one just gets me SO excited! I have mentioned it a few times, but reading is something I have been just LOVING lately. I never used to be much of a book worm, but lately I cannot get enough of absorbing new and amazing information. This new life trend comes on the heels of a more difficult season for me. I think my soul is just so open to learning and gaining more wisdom… and reading provides just that!

I love reading physical books when they are specifically soul searching, educational reads. This helps me to underline and take notes which is how I learn the best. You should actually SEE my notebook right now. I just got a new one in September and it is already half full. When I want to have a go at a lighter listen, I turn to Audible.

My favorite of the moment book currently is called The Perfect You, by Dr. Caroline Leaf. She is a scientist AND a Christian and actually talks about how our minds were specifically, and uniquely crafted by God. Using her techniques, combining science with biblical truths, we can actually learn how to change the way we think, choose, and feel so that we can actually step into what she calls our own “Perfect You.” There is literally an entire section of exercises to do in the book so that you can understand WHY you think, feel, and choose certain things. We may not be able to control our circumstances, but we CAN control our reactions to them which all starts with the mind. Guys this book is LIFE CHANGING.

All that to say, reading is my JAM right now. PS. You can buy The Perfect You, here!

3. Worship Walks

I have recently begun this new tradition as a part of my health and well ness routine where I start each and every morning with a lovely WALK outside. I love starting my days in meditation, quiet, and prayer but I have to admit that sometimes being at home I get too distracted. So to make sure I don’t get distracted, AND to enjoy the beautiful outdoors I have been enjoying morning sunrise walks with my lovely companion, Jesus. I usually bring my worship music, a pen, and my journal + just literally pray and worship and walk for about one hour.

How do you currently start your mornings?

Well loves, that is it for the month of September. Also, a quick note of THANKS to all of you who wrote me the most lovely messages of prayer and encouragement after August was such a difficult month. You guys are literally SO kind and lovely, my heart is so filled.

LASTLY, these photos make me smile SO much because they are SO girly and were taken in Paris… gahh be still my heart!


Skirt: Ott Dubai | Shoes: Public Desire | Top: Zara [also t\t deal] | Jacket: Zara [super old!, love this] | Sunnies: Urban Outfitters 

Photos by Anna Sandul