My loves! I write this post to you as I sit and wait to board my train to none other than the amazing LONDON. If you have been following along on Insta-story you would have seen by now that for the last 5 days I have been exploring my city love of PARIS for Paris Fashion week! Because I am feeling so inspired by this city of fashion, I wanted to come to you loves with my favorite color trend of 2017: pink!

If there is one thing I absolutely LOVE, it is the ability to be girlier than ever. And what color makes me feel the most femme as possible? Indeed that is pink…or rose if you want to join me in speaking french 😉 Because I love the color pink so much, I was beyond thrilled that this season it is a key color trend of 2017. Pink accessories, pink statement pieces, pink shoes, fuzzy pink things, pink bows, just ALL THE PINK!

If you are thinking “Whoa whoa whoa, pink is the color my mom used to force me to wear as a little girls and I would never be caught dead wearing it again” don’t fret! There are ways you can make pink a bit less feminine by pairing it with black or grey. So indeed if you are not quite as girly as me, do not be afraid of using this color as an accent! It can add a softness to your otherwise dark or neutral palette.

On the other hand, if you are like me and want to embrace your inner feminine and utter girliness, then I encourage you to PINK IT UP with the color trend of 2017. Don’t you want to feel pretty in pink, after all? Something I recently did here in Paris, was actually pair multiple shades of pink together. Believe it or not, this CAN work. Keeping the pink tones as one dark and one light, can completely work and compliment one another. Just be sure to be weary of wearing one bright pink next to another bright pink [for fear of scaring everyone around you!]

Another color I love to pair with pink is actually burgundy! Since it is in the red/pink family, it does actually compliment the softness of the pink quite well. I brought these fierce burgundy boots to Paris from Aldo and ended up pairing them with multiple pink looks.

One of my FAVORITE trends this season is furry accessories, and pink furry accessories just take this cuteness to the next level. I have this adorable pink fuzzy heels and an amazing pink furry bag that just make me smile. I feel like they should smell like cotton candy or something- ha!

All that to say loves, I hope you will feel empowered to embrace your inner most PINK self with this color of the season. Go ahead and live your very own “la vie en rose”.

PS. I hope you like some of these travel photos from Paris featuring all my pinkness.

PPS. Shop below this post for all my favorite PINK trend pieces [including some of the ones featured!]!



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