YOU GUYS! I am so excited to be coming to you today with this AWESOME post! My hair journey has been SO back + forth + for a few years I have been dreaming about having long, amazing hair. At long last, my dreams have been answered! Recently, I partnered with the amazing Hairdreams to get LONG, luscious beautiful, DREAM hair! I could not be more thrilled, I literally feel like a princess you guys, it is THE greatest!!

So to start out this post, I have decided that I really want to connect with you guys on an even more personal level so you can see even more of my personality…all the quirky, fun, Kaitness weirdness haha! That being said, I have found that videos are the best way to give you guys more insight into who I am + what I like in REAL LIFE. That is where today’s video post comes into play!

IT’S OFFICIAL! I created my very first vlog kind of video to give you a true picture into my latest hair transformation! I have had SO many different hair styles through the years. I have had short brown hair, long blonde hair, brown hair with bangs, short angular blonde hair, white blonde with bangs AND white blonde without bangs. PHEW, I clearly like to change my hair a LOT! Without fail every year I do some sort of drastic hair change. I bet you literally would not even be able to recognize me if you saw old photos of me! In fact, if you dig through + go back to old blog posts, surely you can see what I mean [click here + here for fun!]

When I made the decision to be a platinum 1 year + 8 months ago, it was the trend of the moment Granny Chic was IN + I decided I wanted to be white + sparkly… like a diamond on my head! People were using white platinum as a base to then be loads of other fun colors… like pastels! While being platinum was certainly a statement, it was also a lot of hard work. In order to properly be platinum, you have to dye your hair every 4-6 weeks so that your roots do not grow out too far + create a line. This means many visits to the salon + lots of dollar signs $$$$.

All that to say! About a year ago I decided to transition out of white blonde hair. My AMAZING Hair girl, Tanya Lange, helped me in the entire process. You guys, I also need to brag on Tanya for just a second here… she is literally such a gem. She is so kind hearted + genuine + just overall full of sweetness! From the very first time working with her, she walked me through step by step everything she was going to do to my hair. It felt SO comforting to know that someone cared so much to be honest with me + to EDUCATE me! Before I met the amazing Tanya, I found that sometimes I felt rushed or pressured into making hair decisions. Tanya has NEVER once made me feel uncomfortable or pressured. Instead, she has made it her priority to make sure I understand her recommendations while then walking me through every step that she does to my hair. It is actually fun working with her because I feel like I get to learn so much about what actually goes into processing + cutting hair!

Moral of the story: IF YOU NEED AN AMAZING HAIR STYLIST IN LA, YOU NEED TO SEE TANYA LANGE! Her email is hairbytanyalange@gmail.com, so contact her ASAP. I mean it, you will love her!

Okayyyyy, back to my hair transformation. Growing out the platinum in my hair for the last year meant that I had to continually trim it to make it truly healthy…. so it has essentially stayed the exact same length which is torture for someone like me who is a hair chameleon! This is where the amazing Hairdreams comes in! They agreed to partner with me to make all my hair dreams come TRUE [literally]!

Using their laserbeamer nano technology,  the process of putting in hair extensions is now SO much simpler. It now takes only an hour + a half to add an entire head of extensions! In the past it used to take 7 hours to complete.. the time savings is insane!! You can see the entire step by step process of adding the Hair dreams extensions in the video!

So other than feeling like a total princess with long hair now, why else are hair extensions a good idea might you ask? I am so glad you are wondering, because I am dying to share 😉

  • The Hairdreams extensions gives you invisible hair that allows your hair to be fuller + LONGER!
  • They are 100% real human hair so you can’t get more natural than that!
  • The Hairdreams extensions wrap your own hair which helps protect your personal hair from damage.
  • Removing the Hairdreams extensions does not actually damage your hair-woohoo!
  • The Hairdreams hair hold curl extremely well so that your style stays in for even longer.
  • The Hairdreams extensions can withstand any activity so you do not have to be afraid of damaging then if you love going into the steam room or doing very active sports.
  • The extensions are permanent so in essence they become an extension of your own natural hair!

Overall, the extensions truly are a hair “dream”…. I am not even joking! I hope you will take a moment to watch the fun adventure in my very first vlog video as I showcase my hair transformation into a long haired blondie!

A giant thank you to TANYA and HAIRDREAMS for making this video possible!

Also huge credit to UniLight Studio for all the production work on this rad video!

Photocredit to the amazing Stefanie Mariee


  1. I loved hearing about your hair process! I’m a brunette going platinum right now, and I was wondering how you dealt with the damage?

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