There is something about smelling lovely that just makes my soul SMILE. Quite literally sometimes I wake up in the morning excited to just wakeup, shower, + put on my favorite perfume. The best part about an amazing fresh scent is when you have been working hard all day, slaving away at your computer + you get up to move around + catch a fresh whiff of the glorious scent. It honestly puts a smile to my face. Call me crazy, but does this happen for anyone else?!

I am so excited because the amazing Tiffany & Co. just launched their newest scent! It is sensual + euphoric + brings about an aura of strength + happiness. When you wear this perfume they guarantee that you will slip into a powerful state of mind. Oh la la! For a business woman like myself, this is right up my alley! It comes in a bottle that looks like a diamond, which just adds to the beauty of it but of course. Their amazing team also sent it to me with the most adorable personalization. I love when a perfume feels like it is “my” scent. Even though it is sold publicly, there is something so sweet about feeling like this scent is just for you.

All that to say, I am 110% that girl that does not leave her house without perfume. Heck, I even spray perfume, or scented mist on my sheets in the morning so I can crawl into my bed at night with it smelling pretty. Perfume has a way of making you feel a certain way, so that when you get a whiff of it, you are reminded of all the things the scent evokes. Don’t you agree?

I have linked below some of my absolute FAVORITE perfumes over the years. Almost all of these have been a staple in my life at one point or the next. I am thrilled to say that this Tiffany & Co. is my next go-to, cue all the glamorous, romantic, + feminine vibes!

What is your go- to, make you happy, feel oh-so-good about yourself scent?





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