Hello beauty loves! Today I am excited to come + talk to you about the items I am currently loving! Last month I introduced you to my new series called currently loving [check it out here if you haven’t!] which I promised to do for you loves every month! I know I write a lot of personal life content, + I hope you find it inspiring… it is my JOY to bring you this kind of content! But I also want to make sure I am giving you loves insight into all my favorite things.. aka everything I am currently loving that I just CANNOT keep to myself!

SO here with go with Currently Loving round 2! Expect much more of these as the months go on as there are just too many lovely things not to share with you loves!


Hairdreams– The cat is out of the bag my loves… I officially got long, gorgeous EXTENSIONS from the amazing Hairdreams! Their extensions are 100% real human hair + with their amazing NANO Technology they invisibly integrate into your own hair so you cannot even see them! OH THE BRILLIANCE! The hair is so incredibly beautiful + actually holds curls better than your own hair. I recently teamed up with them to get LONG amazing hair [something I have not had in 7+ years] + I am completely obsessed with my long locks… holy moses! I cannot wait to share even more with you loves… stay tuned for an entire video of the process  coming soon where I will tell you all about my entire hair journey + how I got long amazing hair with Hairdreams!

DryBar Triple Sec Texture Spray– So you guys, I have used NOTHING but Oribe texture for the last 3 years on my hair, but alas the $46 price point started to burna hole in my pocket at least once a month + I simply could not do it anymore. However, after much searching I realized all is not lost! I finally stumbled on DryBar Triple Sec spray that not only holds amazing texture, but smells SO incredibly divine… with notes of  amber, coconut + vanilla to be exact. I usually spray just a few spritz before curling, + then add a bunch to separate my curls after they are done! This stuff is amazing for adding texture + for getting oil/grease out of your hair. Talk about starting your day so fresh + so clean clean.

Skinesque Masks– So you know those funny tissue masks that make you look like a mime or even better, Mr. Napkinhead [like from the Holiday!]?! I have tried some + always felt they were SO hilarious, but alas I have no shame in trying them because THEY WORK! I recently found one that I seriously LOVE by the brand Skinesque! These masks are made in Korea + designed in California. They have lovely natural ingredients including centella asiatica, green tea, + bamboo which help in turn to properly cleanse, moisturize, + protect against external toxins. Going into the winter season, you want to keep your skin lovely + hydrated, so I recommend their 3-step Aqua+ Super-Fine Mask for smoother, deeply hydrated + more nourished skin! They are also great for traveling- don’t be afraid to be that person on the plane giving heart attacks to people with your hydrating tissue mask [ha!]! Embrace your need for hydrated, protected skin! Skinesque is also dermatologist tested, cruelty free, + formulated without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil, + synthetic dyes.


Shop Red Dress– You guys know I love a good feminine dress at an affordable price! Well, you will be SO incredibly happy to hear that I discovered this amazing website that prides themselves on having pieces that are DIFFERENT from all the mainstream retailers + yet also extremely affordable. This is like the holy grail of shopping experiences for someone like me! Ding ding ding ding! I absolutely love the story behind their founder, Diana’s, passion to bring unique fashion + confidence to the lives of women. And guess what?! The amazing stripe dress in this post is from the lovely Shop Red Dress! I have never seen a dress like this + I am in LOVE!

Hart Hagerty-They made the most adorable tassel earrings. I am also wearing them in this post because I simply cannot STOP wearing both of the colors I have [black + blush]. Tassels are all the rage right now + I am not complaining because I love every moment of it. I have actually gotten much more into statement earrings… + I am here to tell you that you should too!


DryBar– This is my absolute FAVORITE service right now, loves! If you don’t know what a blowout is, let me tell youuuuu it is definitely a TREAT that every woman deserves once + a while. You know when you go to the hair salon + at the end they blow dry + style you + your hair smells fresh + looks good for days?! You can never blow dry your hair by yourself quite the same as they do at the salon! Well now you can get this fresh amazing treatment all on it’s own courtesy of DryBar! They will style you out to one of their amazing custom styles. My particular favorite is the Cosmo + my favorite girl to go to is the amazing Mallory! Ask for her if you are in Los Angeles at the Santa Monica Place location [now open!]. You can also find her on Instagram here, + her website here.

Bouqs Co– Who doesn’t love flowers? Any what about flowers that support local florists that are hand picked just for you?! Indeed I absolutely LOVE the idea of a gorgeous flower delivery service either for treating myself on a day where I just need some extra joy, or to treat someone else who needs to be blessed with something that will put a huge smile on their face. I mentioned this in my last post, but I am SO thrilled to be able to extend this service to you guys at a discount using my code “XOKAIT” to get 20% off your delivery through September!

Well lovelies I think that is about enough for today! I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on if you try any of these products for yourself… please do me know if you do! Also if you have any product suggestions for mE, I am ALL EARS!

Dress: Red Dress Boutique | Shoes: Public Desire | Bag: Cuyana | Earrings: Hart Hagerty | Sunglasses: Wyeth

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