Hello BEAUTIES [or handsomes if you’re reading], welcome back + thank you as always for reading. Today I am super excited to talk about something that has been particularily on my heart this last week… choosing joy.

Something I have grown more + more aware of is figuring out how to choose JOY amidst all the chaos of life. It is a CHOICE + it can be a true battle to maintain. Lately I have been realizing more + more just how important it is to make a conscious decision to do things for myself that encourage + foster JOY in all it’s glory.

“The JOY of the Lord is my Strength” Nehemiah 8:10

God is most satisfied when WE are joyful. And in turn, the strength we need to combat life is found in the essential joy of God. WOW… So truly + completely then the JOY of the Lord is our strength, + when we are Joyful, HE is satisfied. It is in our very best interest to be JOYFUL despite the chaos. We are called to choose joy in the hard + confusing seasons.

A specific, tangible example of CHOOSING JOY in my current life could be demonstrated in my choices just this very week! I have been going through a particularly difficult season [aren’t we all!] + have found myself just leaning into Jesus asking Him to just give me a child like joy unlike ever before. Earlier this week, I had a dream I went to Disneyland for the first time. I have been living in California + yet NEVER been to Disneyland- this feels like blasphemy!

I was driving up highway 5 from Orange County the day after this dream when SUDDENLY the exit sign said “Disney Way”. I let out a small gasp as I realized there could be NO possible way this is where Disneyland is…after all I had NO idea where it was! I decided to get off to see if my imagination could take me to a magical place… + sure enough I found myself on Disney Way + in the HEART of Disneyland! Whatttttttttt was happeninggggggggg!

I very seriously considered going into the park even ALONE, but when my 2 besties could not make it, I decided to make the best of my time there. I walked [errr it was more like I skipped] around downtown Disney, went into stores + even bought myself some Minnie ears [that just so happened to go with my red + the white outfit… go figure!]! JOY was all around me, + I was soaking in EVERY moment. On the drive back, I sang karaoke with my Minnie ears to Disney classic theme songs. I WAS IN HEAVEN!

As I pressed into the brief spouts of child-like joy I was feeling that Sunday, I realized this needed to happen FAR more. Alas, in a decision to choose joy, this past Wednesday I went with some of my besties to Disneyland for the FIRST time. We watched frozen, pranced around like princesses + laughed like no other. I decided just once a year was not enough… so I bought a pass + can now go back whenever I please! Talk about an actual dream of mine LITERALLY coming true within 4 days!

All of this is to say that I love that Jesus wants us to have child-like joy. As a child, the things of this world have not nearly come to haunt them yet. They bounce back much more quickly from incidents or hurts + find joy in even the smallest of things. THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL. Doubts + concerns are not yet a part of their daily life, they simply are satisfied with what is right in front of them.

Going before God with child like joy + wonder is to invite + expect awe-inspiring greatness.

As we grow older it is harder + harder to fight for joy. There is SO much going against us each + every day. Our eyes become more + more opened to the ferocity of this world + the brokenness of humanity. But what would it look like to fight for joy amidst all the pain + chaos + hurt + confusion? What would it look like to come before God even amidst the storms expecting awe-inspiring GREATNESS?

I’ve decided that I am going to Disneyland every 2 weeks for a while. It will be my child-like joy dose of “medicine” in this season. My daily medicine in between visits is listening to “Let it Go”, from the Frozen soundtrack to re-train my mind that indeed child-like joy is SO accessible to me, I need only tap into it. Thankfully, my friends are veryyyyy supportive of these decisions + we have already made our next Disneyland plans in two weeks time!!! [message me if you want to join us!]

Lastly, but very not least, I have a FUN little announcement to share. The photos in this post have the MOST beautiful blooms. They are so bright + colorful that they just give me JOY looking at them. Well, I have some amazing news for YOU! These flowers are from an amazing service called the Bouqs Co…. a flower delivery service that has the mission of  building “meaningful relationships with like-minded farmers + florists while empowering them to thrive, + eliminate unnecessary waste along the way.”

Do you need an instant spout of JOY in your life? Or even better, does someone you know need a surprise of JOY in their life? With Bouqs they will deliver hand crafted bouqs same day, usually within TWO hours to your person of choice! Talk about romancing yourself or someone else to be a blessing of JOY! I am all about this!

Because I am such a proponent of choosing JOY, today you will get 20% off your next Bouqs bouquet using code XOKAIT ….AHH! I just love waking up in the morning, going to make my coffee + seeing a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Don’t they just put a smile on your face? Don’t you just find joy in their beauty?

Well loves, that is it for me today, I hope you enjoyed this lovely blog post as much as I did writing it. I look forward to hearing how YOU are going about choosing JOY each + every day [+ maybe even treating yourself with a beautiful flower bouquet!]



Dress: Chicwish | Hat: Two Baked Buns | Bracelets: Meghna Jewels

Thank you to the Bouqs Co. for making this post possible!

3 thoughts on “CHOOSING JOY

  1. I find you very inspiring! I LOVE that you follow Jesus and know that He wants us to be joyful! It’s so much easier said then done these days but just readings your blog brings me joy! Keep doing what your doing!

    1. Ally! I am so sorry for the delay in response here, but thank you SO much for sharing this sweet comment with me. It truly brightened my day reading it, even so late in the game. You are a treasure and the fact that you choose to come and read my posts speaks VOLUMES to my heart! Sending you SO much love!

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