Hello sweet dears! Last week was amazing, but I only was able to squeeze in ONE post because of all the birthday festivities. If you were following on Instagram- HECK YES thank you for being there! The amazingness of this last week has made me reflect on a very relevant topic. Living in ABUNDANCE. Let’s dive right in shall we?

Do you ever find yourselves on Instagram scrolling through + seeing a ton of perfectly posed photos, or someone on the most exotic vacation imaginable with their beautiful little family all whislst having a six pack [after having multiple kids I might add…]? Indeed, you may have had the BEST weekend, but seeing these images for some reason steals all of your joy. You watched the sunset, made some good meals + spent time with friends, but none of that can “compare” to this perfect lifestyle of a woman with a family + perfect looking kids traveling to the most exotic destination with her model-esque husband. Sigh. Raise your hand if you have everrrr been tempted to feel this way whilst looking at social media?

While social media has a tendency to do this, we have to make an especially conscious effort to truly choose truth. You see, often we actually live out of a place of having a “scarcity” mentality. AKA, that said person has what you want + you will never obtain whatever “that” is.

Basically, the idea is that if there is a pie + someone gets too big of a piece of the pie, that must mean that there is actually less for the rest of us. They got more, so there could not possibly be a way for me to ever get as much as they are getting of the pie. This scarcity mentality plagues us often in a work environment… but also personally, especially when it comes to relationships. You see someone thriving with their dream job + dream man + dream family + living all the DREAMY things you long to be living… + suddenly you start thinking that will never be you. There is not enough of whatever “that” is to go around. So you just get stuck with the smaller slice of pie + have to make do.

This. thinking. is. TRAGIC.

It is easy with social media to get trapped into this thought process, I have been there, trust me. We often think this way though, which causes us to be ridden with anxiety + comparison + fear. RATHER THAN thinking that there is plenty out there + enough for everyone. Why must we limit our thinking? It only forces us into depressive thoughts of deep, dark comparison + negative self reflection. When we switch our mindset to think of living in abundance, we are able to open our mind to the possibility that there is SO much waiting for us. We can finally stop being hindered by our own earthly thoughts. Trust me, it is SO freeing.

This abundance mentality, believe it or not, can all be traced back to God too! Indeed right at the beginning of the Bible God commands us to “Be fruitful and multiply” [Genesis 1:28]. He WANTS for us to be fruitful, He desires MUCH for us + our lives! We need to take in those truths. Abundance can also be seen as an example in Matthew 14, with the story of only 5 loaves + 2 fish to feed five THOUSAND people. Jesus took what seems to be a scarce amount of resources, + multiplied it in abundance for everyone there. MIND BLOWING.

Individuals with an abundance mentality can share in the JOY of success for others, while stopping their brains from comparing themselves to the so-called “winner of the pie”. In fact, there is no longer just ONE winner of the pie. In this mentality there are many pies + many pieces of pies, so in essence we all win in our own way [Does anyone ELSE want pie as much as me I do right now?!]. When you switch to an abundance mentality in ALL that you do, you suddenly realize that you begin to embrace your own self-worth + confidence fully.

One final point that I must address is that we need not confuse having an abundance mentality with getting all the material things that our hearts desire. Indeed, maybe we WON’T ever get to travel the world with our model-esque husband + perfect looking children, or maybe we will [though what qualifies “perfect” anyway!?], but the point is not that. The point is that living in abundance may look different, but yet FAR better FOR US according to what Jesus wills for our lives. We ought to be close to Jesus, giving him what we have, + fully entrusting him to provide for every last one of our needs.

So what do you think loves, do you want to live a life of abundance, or a life of scarcity?

Dress: Red Dress Boutique | Bag: Red Dress Boutique | Hat: Two Baked Buns | Sunnies: Karen Walker | Shoes: Loeffler Randall [old, similar here]

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4 thoughts on “LIVING IN ABUNDANCE

  1. Love the dress! I know the feeling but try to be like Paul and to be content no matter what circumstances I am in. Sometimes it’s just laying down to fall asleep and asking God to comfort me with his eagle wings over me. Laying there alone I can feel his presence and am comforted and fall asleep secure in his love. It is just a visual I imagine like a little bird secure under her mother’s wings in a nest.

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