Hello loves! So many of you have asked me, HOW do you create the perfect curl in your hair, Kait? Well, alas, today is the day that I come to you revealing my BIG secret. I create effortless waves using a wand from the amazing brand Herstyler!

My Herstyler curler gives me the absolute PERFECT waves for every day. I like my curls to be tight, but not too composed. I want them to look a bit tousled… ya know cuz we all want to feel natural, right? 😉 In order to do this, I utilize the Herstyler 18/25mm curler to get the PERFECT wave.

Want to know my key steps to getting the perfect curls with HerStyler? GOOD I am so glad you asked, because I am about to share them ALL!

  • BEFORE curling, always use a heat protector. I love this one by Herstyler !
  • I curl most of my curls back away from my face [especially in the front]. Though, most people find it helpful to alternate curls.
  • Hold the curl in place on the iron for about 3-5 seconds. Never do it longer than that or the curl may be too tight!
  • Immediately after curling pull down on the curl to loosen it so it is not so tight. Do this when the curl is hot and more easily malleable!
  • Never fully curl the ends of your hair.
  • While your curls are setting, do your makeup.
  • After your curls cool, brush some of them out to create a more effortless look.
  • I always finish my curled look with some awesome dry texturizing spray to create a more piecey, natural wave appeal.

I absolutely LOVE answering questions about my hair, so please definitely feel free to ask below in the comments or go ahead and email me for more information. I also have some amazing news loves! Today I am excited that YOU can get your very own Herstyler to start creating your very own effortless wave curls! I am excited to announce a 10% off using code madlymignon!

Lastly, this was my FIRST attempt to make a micro-video, + I hope you enjoyed! There will be plenty more coming in the following months. 2017 IS the year of video loves so expect more this year to come + beyond! I love how personal + fun videos are… it gives you an even clearly window into my personality, lifestyle + daily happenings!

Thank you to Herstyler and Shopping links for sponsoring this post!


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