floral embroidered dress for a lovely dayHello lovely birdies! I don’t know why I just decided to call you birdies, but it sounded cute in the moment. Does it work? hehe. As we wrap up the month of July + move into August [one of my favorite months of the year], I want to take a moment to reflect on the GREATNESS of July by sharing the best of July, and the top 3 things I am most grateful for. Sometimes, like this last month, you are hit with a sea of no’s and have to seek positivity.

I will be quite honest, July was filled with many letdowns. As a company, at KaitKat we were promised things + let down consistently. I seemed to constantly hear the word “NO” over + over + over again! Do you ever have these moments? Good golly it is frustrating when rejection constantly knocks on your door.

Alas, this month Kat + I were able to RALLY + make the most out of our mountain of rejections + “NO’s”. So while this month may have been filled with multiple bumps, I can still reflect + be ultimately grateful for the blessings amidst the chaos!

SO… what are the 3 things I am grateful this last July?

1 . The new + improved Madly Mignon!

Oh YES indeed this has been a LONG time coming. I want to thank you loves for sticking with me SO consistently these last 3 years + change. It has been QUITE the journey… one filled with challenges + sleepless nights + MANY changes… but also some of the most rewarding experiences + adventures! So alas the new + improved Madly Mignon is UP + running, + I could not be MORE excited. I hope you love the improved site design + new categories. If you have anyyyy feedback definitely let me know, I am ALL ears! I want to foster an environment of encouragement, positivity, inspiration, + love overall… + I hope you loves feel a mix of all of those things while reading these posts!

This month I truly have been reminded that determination + endurance TRULY pay off.  While there were many highs + lows the past 3+ years, + even a time where I had to take a hiatus from blogging, it has been worth every moment to continue to stick with blogging + sharing with you loves!

2. Owning my body, in a bikini!

That’s right this one deserves to be shouted out FOR SURE! For the last 3 months,, ha who am I kidding, for the last YEAR I have been hesitant to go on the beach in front of anyone. Through my struggles with autoimmune, adrenal fatigue, + hormonal imbalances galore I have been struggling with having self condifence about my body. Indeed it just doesn’t look the same as it used to. Can anyone relate? It is so hard to know you are eating a healthy, well balanced diet, getting decent sleep but STILL retaining water via inflammation + bloating. No kidding you guys, there are nights when I can gain 4 pounds just in water weight.. it is cray cray!

All that being said, I have been getting into a better groove of health + wellness hacks that have been working for ME. [In fact, I think I will share my top hacks with you soon!] So, when I knew Kat + I had a trip to the beach planned at first I looked like the wide eyed emoticon. SAY WHAT?! I have to be in a bathing suit, in PUBLIC? Shoooooot….

But alas, I tried my very hardest to change this mindset prior to soaking up the sun in front of others. Indeed, my body may not look like it did when I was 22. Indeed I do not have 6 pack abs, a completely flat tummy, + zero dimples in my behind. BUT what I do have is a beautiful body that God has gifted me. It has some curves + a little love handle action + a few stretch marks… but, it is MY body, the body I have been gifted.

By the end of the trip, I was able to be in a two piece + not literally squirm in my seat with uncomfortability. Believe it or not, this was a huge feat for me!

3. Netflix + Chill [ha!]

Okay y’all… you know when you have had the longest day + all you want to do is go home + catch up on your favorite show + chill? Well, this month I made some EXTRA time for these nights. Now granted, watching netflix + chilling should never take precedence over spending quality time with Jesus. Indeed that comes first + foremost! But there are some nights where I have filled my day with quality Jesus time, + crazy amounts of work + just truly need to RELAX. SO whether that be with Netflix + an amazing face mask… or journaling while sipping on some hot tea.. or watching the sunset + listening to worship music… we all need some relax nights, am I right?

PS. Speaking of netflix, does anyone have anything specific to recommend watching? Now that I have finished House of Cards + OITNB I am in desperate need of a new show 😉

Okay my loves, there we have it for the month of July! The 3 things I am absolutely SO thankful for despite this month of rejection + turmoil.

What are you loves grateful for this last month?



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Dress: Metisu | Sunnies: Wyeth Eyewear | Bag: Lauren Cecchi | Shoes: Valentino | Earrings: Hart

Photos by Emily of Love Emmarie


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