Hello beauties! I could not be more thrilled to announce that today is the first day of the improved + new MADLY MIGNON WEBSITE! I have been debating for quite some time + knew that a site relaunch was not only needed, but necessary.

So here it is!

There are many improved aesthetic details of the new Madly Mignon site including the beautiful new layout, the mobile friendly site + more. I also am SO excited to announce some new categories! Whereas before I only had “Categories” with a few underneath, I have now separated the Categories into themes: Style, Lifestyle, Travel, About, KaitKat + Contact. Below I have detailed the exciting new categories + subpages!


Outfits:Under Style you will be able to find the Outfits page, which includes more about my daily fashion outfit looks + dedicated fashion posts!

Trend: These posts are compilations of any major trends I am seeing + want to share with you! You will also find older posts from my days of runway hopping as a Designer RTW buyer where I spotted trends as they came down the runway + shared them with you loves!

Instagram: Under style this gives you the chance to see ALL my shoppable looks on Instagram + have the ability to shop them directly from the site!


Inspiration + Wellness: In this section I will be getting a bit more personal! I will be sharing with you loves some actual advice as well as real life experiences that I encounter + want to share with you. Also, I will be openly sharing about my faith + all that I have been learning as a follower of Jesus! I am very vocal about the fact that I am a Christian which impacts every aspect of my life. However, if you are not a Christian that is 120% okay by me!! I pass absolutely no judgement nor want to force my opinions onto you by any means! I hope you will see this simply as a space for me to be encouraging, vulnerable + loving!

Currently Loving: I will be continuing the currently loving series featuring my favorite products “du jour”. This will range from fashion to beauty to services + more!! I am excited to share with you loves some of my absolute favorite tips + tricks.

3 things: I started this series back in May as a means to encourage us to refocus our minds + energy on being GRATEFUL for the best aspects over the last 30 days. Although every month presents it challenges, I think it is vital to focus on the good that has come from each month… there are always blessings amidst the chaos! I will continue to share my top 3 things I am grateful for every month with you loves!

Food & Drink: WOOHOO! This section right now is a bit dated… I have not done many new recipes on the blog in white a while. That being said, I would love to share with you guys some of the favorite restaurants I come across + my experiences at these places [+ who knows, maybe I will get the desire to do more recipe posts if you are lucky!].


I am thrilled to have this category on the blog! It is my goal to travel more + share the best of every experience I have with you loves. My business partner, Kat, + I are planning many trips coming up [including some influencer ones], so I am excited to share ALL of that with you guys! You will find imagery from the top places we visit, as well as a recap of the hotels, or cities we explore. I will also provide travel guides as well listing the best of the best things to do in specific cities!

Well loves, that is about it for today! I sincerely hope you enjoy the new Madly Mignon website! I am so committed to bringing you loves the best content, + not only the “best” but also authentic + heart filled. I want you to know this blog is truly a part of my heart + I am incredibly committed to sharing with you all of my true + authentic experiences, learnings, loves, + travels.

Thank you for being here!


Top: Frank + Eileen | Skirt: Chicwish | Shoes: Tuckernuck | Sunnies: Wyeth |Earrings: Baublebar

Photos by Emily of Love Emmarie


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