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FIRST + FOREMOST… HAPPY BASTILLE DAY LOVES! I know many of you loves live in the US, but we still have every right to celebrate + honor holidays of other countries [especially when we are obsessed with their culture!]. Today my post is dedicated to all things FRENCH, Parisian to be exact! Paris, I love you.

As I sit here right now, I listen to my frenchie vibes playlist with a smile on my face. So many of you have asked me… why Madly Mignon? Why do you have a french tinge to ALL that you do + love? This question makes me smile ear to ear! After living in France for over 5 months in college… my heart had a true “love affair” with the city. I was already having dreams of how magical Paris was, + one might think those high expectations would be shattered upon living in Paris… but rather they were HEIGHTENED! It was some of the BEST 5 months of my entire life. Truly. Le sigh.

 So, why do I love Paris?


Above all, Paris has one of the most beautiful + distinct art + fashion cultures of anywhere I have ever been. Not only is it home to some of the greatest museums in the world [Like the Louvre, + Musée d’Orsay], but it is filled with beauty everywhere you go. The beige + white colored buildings are like art in themselves, with intricate details + gorgeous architecture. Paris is truly like a painting come to life through every single step around the city.

Not only that but the Parisian FASHION speaks for itself. Coco Chanel said it best:

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”

This is how I feel about Paris. Fashion exists EVERYWHERE you go in this magical city. From the actual outfits of the people walking by, to the way people carry themselves, to the true JOY that fashion brings people throughout the city, to how much PRIDE people take in looking refined [an effortless refinement I might add]. Fashion truly is not only found in the actual outfits of people in Paris, it is rather truly engrained as a part of the culture…. it is a true ART. [Oh, + did I mention that ALL of my favorite designers are Parisian… go figure!]

Some of my favorite art + fashion moments when I lived in Paris included just getting my café au lait + talking a stroll through the Louvre…. doesn’t that just sound magical?!?! It gives me butterflies just thinking about it…. take me back already!


The culture of Paris is so unique, that it deserves it’s own section. The one word I have to say about french culture, is that they are ever so PASSIONATE. Their passion truly seeps into ALL that they do as a culture. They even have protests just in the name of their language because they love it so much. While some people find it rude because they always correct Americans in their french… I simply love that they are so passionate about the exact pronunciation of their language. It is SUCH a beautiful language, after all!

Frenchies spend hours at dinner. They LOVE starting with cheese + red wine + freshly hot baguettes with butter [dying as I write this, that is all I want right now!]. Did you guys know the salted butter in Paris is something to DIE for? I am serious. It is so good it will make your mouth drop open in utter awe from its deliciousness.

Parisians never rush a dinner, it is like another art to them. Their food is perfectly crafted + paired with the perfect wine. They often finish dinner with a lovely desert [I prefer macarons, bien sûr]. The point is, they take their time + enjoy the food + the company. Dinner is truly a cultural experience to be enjoyed by the French…. well, actually, every meal is!


The food in Paris is SO incredibly unique. Some of it is too pretty to even eat [in my opinion], but what I LIVE for are the pastries, + appetizers [aka french bread galore + tons of every kind of cheese imaginable]. Instead of trying to describe it, I have listed some of my favorite french food places below [taken from a previous post here]

L’ AVENUE | The ultimate fashion lovers nest. The place to see + be seen in Paris. I am really not kidding… Example: When I was just in Paris, I asked them to sit us outside. They did not have enough room, so they walked us inside + immediately I stood in awe. Ladies I kid you not when I tell you this lovely hostess sat us next to Ms. Anna Wintour herself, the queen of fashion [+ also the editor of beloved fashion magazine VOGUE]. I mean, have you seen the Devil Wears Prada? Behind her was Robbie Myers [the editor + chief of Elle]. When I tell you it is wonderful place, I mean it. The food is delicious as well. Please try the butter. Please go to L’Avenue.

ANGELINA | The world’s best hot chocolate. I mean it. I really would not use the world “best” when it comes to chocolate unless I truly meant it. This is no ordinary hot chocolate, this is complete hot chocolate syrup-y goodness in a cup. Located on Rue de Rivoli right by the Jardin des Tuileries. This cup of coco is especially incredibly on a cold winter day. I’m not counting the calories.

COLETTE | The cafe at Colette is absolutely superb. They serve coco-cola in old fashioned glasses. They squeeze fresh juice on site. They also have delicious vegetarian options + adorable servers.

CHEZ JANOU | The little hole in the wall in Bastille. The food here is absolutely delightful. Get their house wine + their cheese plate to start.. you won’t be disappointed. Vegetarian? NO problem, just ask the chef to whip you up something special + I promise you it will be delicious.

LADURÉE | You cannot go to Paris without having tea + macaroons at my absolute favorite spot. I don’t even care how old lady it is of me, I LOVE ladurée. If you have never had a real french macaroon, do not be afraid. These rainbow colored cookie sandwiches are way more delectable than you could imagine. There is a serious art to making them just perfect [I have tried + failed many a times]. I love the one right on Champs Élysées.

CAFE DE FLORE | The famous spot in Saint Germain, infamously known for Karl Lagerfeld sightings. Catch him here for lunch on the patio, it is his go to spot, + a beautiful one at that. I love the niehgborhood charm of Saint Germain + this restaurant sits with all the good ones.


Last but not least…. I love Paris for it’s romance. Yes, indeed Paris is one of THE most romantic, lovely, gorgeous, breathtaking, places in the world…. so it is no doubt that it is the perfect backdrop for LOVE! I always see couples kissing + cuddling throughout the city… + it is one of the only pla

ces I am not offended by it. Lovers kissing under Sacré Coeur as they look over the Parisian skycape, I totally approve. Cuddling on a blanket as you picnic under the Eiffel Tower? YES PLEASE! There is so much romance to be found + to be shared in this city. That is why it is my DREAM to go here one day with the man I love [we will just have to see, hehe!].

Okay my loves, this has turned into one of the LONGEST posts I have written in ages… but it was well worth it. PARIS, I LOVE YOU! You have a piece of my heart + always will. Who knows, just maybe one day I will have the lucky chance to live amongst your beautiful culture once again….. Stay tuned 😉

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Girly full skirt for a feminine outfit

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Skirt: Chicwish | Top: Chicwish | Shoes: Zara [old]

Photos by Emily of Love Emmarie

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