currently loving check gingham top and red skirt

Hi loves! This post is going to probably be a bit shorter than my other recent posts… WHY?! Because I am currently knee deep in bringing you a BRAND NEW SITE that I cannot wait to share. It is almost ready to go LIVE + I cannot wait for you loves to see it! So today, instead of giving you some insightful read or talking about life updates, I am going to do something simple yet FUN. I am going to talk to you about my current FAVS… aka the products/services/routines/things I have been CURRENTLY LOVING. So here goes it…


Kaplan MD just launched a new lipstick called the perfect pout.. IT IS INSANELY moisturizing + oh so lovely to take [Yes it is weird to say that, but the fact is we consume roughly 4 POUNDS of lipstick in our lifetime. Yikes!] The lipsticks are super affordable + so worth it. Also their packaging is ridiculously beautiful [+ photographable 😉 ]

Kniepp lotions + oils are my JAM right now. They use natural plant essences + pure ingredients as a base + are basically just super yummy for your skin PLUS they smell divine. My fav is the almond blossom scent!

-Da Vinci Hair! I just started using their haircare one + am instantly OBSESSED with it. I specifically use the Keratin Shampoo + Conditioner ! Last year my hair was platinum, so I am still recovering from that + this conditioner not only helps heal damaged ends, but it also THICKENS my frail, brittle hair…. + it is all organic!


Wyeth Eyewear– One thing I know for sure, sunnies are without FAIL my favorite accessory [read more about that HERE]. You may have noticed that I am just about alwaysssss wearing sunnies. That is because they are the perfect accent to top of your outfit. Wyeth makes the BEST frames, they are stylish + chic + are incredible quality.

Mejuri dainty jewelry is my FAR my favorite right now [see more about my post here]. Their adorable gold rings are pretty much my favorite. Their overall mission is to make jewelry that honors the beauty of the everyday. I LOVE THAT! If you want tons of amazing stacking rings, or some great classic pieces, they are your jewelry brand!


-Infrared Sauna…I cannot stop going to the Infrared Sauna! Okay, so technically I go to this place called Shape House here in California [they also have some in New York] but it is incredible! You basically get wrapped in an infrared blanket [like a cocoon] + watch netflix for an hour. It gets HOT HOT HOT, but you feel incredible after + the benefits are so numerous.

-Lash Extensions are WHERE IT IS AT! If y’all have never tried it, believe me that you will LOVE it. Actually, they are kind of addicting. You wake up with gorgeous flirty lashes + instantly feel pretty…. who wouldn’t love that? My girl Tiffany from Lashasaurusrex is such a lovely human + ridiculously talented when it comes to lashes! She also comes to my house so I am completely spoiled. If you are in the LA/OC area…. HIT HER UP! And if you are not, find someone amazing in your area + try them at least once! Make sure to read all reviewed beforehand though, you want strong sturdy lashes that will last!

Vinebox– is a wine delivery service that delivers wine to your HOME! Say WHAT! Instead of it being a full bottle, it is actually by the glass in these adorable cylindrical bottles. Their team hand picks 3 different wines for the box. The best part is every wine includes tasting notes, recommendations, + pairings! It also makes the BEST gift everrrrr… [I swear!]

Okay, I LOVED doing this post for you guys, so much so… that I think I will start doing one of these at least once/month! Oh la la, I love sharing fun goodies with you guys! What other favorites of mine are you interested in hearing about?

currently loving check gingham top and orange high waisted skirt

currently loving red lipstick cat eye sunglasses gingham

currently loving orange lipstick black cat eye sunglasses

currently loving orange high waster skirt black heels

currently loving red lipstick cat eye black sunglasses

currently loving check top red high waisted skirt in beverly hills

currently loving check gingham top and red skirt

currently loving red skirt check top

Top: ASOS [old, also love] | Skirt: Marks + Spencer | Shoes: Alexander Wang [also love] | Bag: HiEleven

Photos by Emily of Love Emmarie

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  1. Love this quick post about your favorites!! Is love to see one about healthy food hotspots in LA.
    Cant wait to see the new site!!! 🙂

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