red white + blue 4th of July look white accents

Red, white + blue… WOOHOO! That’s right friends, it is time to bring out your best BBQ game + patriotic attire for a fun day of endless hamburgers, watermelon, sunshine + fireworks!

Though I was born in Canada, I spent the majority of my life in the U.S. which makes me ever so grateful for this country I call home.  No country is perfect, but I still SO very proud to call this beautiful place home.

2 years ago, I moved from NY to Los Angeles + decided this was a perfect opportunity to take a cross country road trip across this INCREDIBLE country. How often do you get to see all the different terrains in your nation? The entire country of France is SMALLER than the state of Texas… so that should give you a perspective on how vast the U.S. is in terms of land mass compared to the continent of Europe! WHAT!

If you want to go back in time + read more about this amazing road trip, you can do so here, here, + here! To sum up my time during this road trip, I saw woods + lakes + cities + farmland + desert + mountains + plains + red rocks + finally… OCEAN [in that EXACT order!]. I saw SO SO SO many things I never dreamed I would see, or love. For example, I had never been through the state of Iowa, nor did I think it was anything special… but during the summertime when it is green + lush, this state blooms with farmlands + rolling hills. It is completely picturesque!

One of my absolute favorite parts of the trip [though there were many] was driving through the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. As we rounded every curve we blasted worship music + soaked in EVERY moment of the beyond gorgeous, divine splendor that was the mountain views. Coming down off of the mountains + into the valleys we blasted John Mayer’s “Wildfire”. It was perfectly fitting for the vast amount of wild horses we saw roaming freely….. ohhhhhh was it ever breathtaking!

That being said, this country is undoubtedly physically BEAUTIFUL. But even more than having stunning physical terrain, this country has something so much more incredible than just gorgeous countryside. It has people. It has incredibly diverse, uniquely made, driven + passionate people….325.4 million [+ counting] to be exact! We all know that the U.S. is a melting pot of different cultures all in one… but what is SO incredibly great about that is each different culture that comes to the U.S. brings their distinct cultural heritage + traditions to this country. This translates into a culture full of different traditions, heritages, backgrounds, quirks, + intricacies.

I think Jimmy Carter said it best. America is not JUST a melting pot, but rather a beautiful mosaic. A compilation of many different beautiful parts that when put together make a colorful + rich + beautiful WHOLE.

“We become not a melting pot but a beautiful mosaic. Different people, different beliefs, different yearnings, different hopes, different dreams.” -Jimmy Carter

In celebration of our country obtaining FREEDOM, becoming a NEW nation of independence, I hope that those of you living in the United States are doing something extra special to celebrate…. but most of all, I hope that you take a moment to truly be so grateful for this beautiful country we call home.

Happy 4th of July loves!

red white + blue smile picnic 4th of July ootd

red white + blue american flag red earrings red lipstick

red white + blue off shoulder top red earrings red lipstick 4th of July

red white + blue off shoulder top red earrings red lipstick white denim

red white + blue 4th of July outfit red accents and blue top

red white + blue off shoulder blue top white denim skirt red shoes

red white + blue off shoulder blue top red lips and red accessories

red white + blue details with red earrings and red lipstick

red white + blue blue top red earrings black earrings

red white + blue off shoulder blue top white denim skirt

red white + blue fourth of july with red accents outfit

Top: Tuckernuck | Skirt: Tuckernuck | Shoes: Tuckernuck | Earrings: Tuckernuck | Sunnies: Haze Collection | Watch: Daniel Wellington | Lips: Sephora

Thank you to Tuckernuck for sponsoring this post!

Photos by Emily of Love Emmarie

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