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Hello Loves! Welcome BACK! Can you believe that it is already the beginning of summer, + the end of June? I know I say this so often, but life truly IS flashing by at the speed of light…. ZOOOOOOOOM! Last month I started a series called 3 things. This will be a monthly series focusing on the importance of being GRATEFUL every month as we refocus our hearts on the positive + truly embrace the beautiful moments that have happened over the last 4 weeks. Although hardships may arise, I have truly found that focusing on the GOOD of each month is completely essential to being truly grateful for the life we have been given.

SO…What are the 3 things I am grateful for this last June?


1. Time with family in Texas

In the last few posts I talked to you loves about a little of my history + how my current family lives in Texas! While I lived in Texas for about 4 years, I now call LA my home + don’t get to go back to Texas as often as I would like. This past month, I was able to visit both Dallas + Houston to see my brother, mom, + dad…. + it was so SO memorable!!! YEEHAW!

Anyone who lives far from family can surely relate to relishing in the times you get to go home + spend quality time with your loved ones. Yes yes?! It becomes such a treat when you can actually spend beautiful quality time with your family. You get used to having to make the most of each + every day when you see them only a few times a year. My goal on these trips is to never get caught up on the nuances…. all families have nuances, amiright? Instead of getting caught up on something that could potentially make you upset, I try to glance over these moments + instead re-shift my focus to remembering how grateful I am for my family + this time with them. It sounds easier said then done… BUT much of it is mental. Train your mind to see the positive, + know that your family loves you no matter WHAT [because it’s true].

Oh, I just adore my family + all their quirks! This last time at home consisted of country touring, horse back riding, wine drinking, game playing, tons of delicious homemade meals, an outdoor orchestra picnic, science museum explorations [dinosaurs + all], GOLF [yes, I tried it!], + even an amazing bike ride. Not to mention, our never ending incredible + meaningful conversations. Gosh, I am still so grateful for this time…. every. single. time I go home.

2. Los Angeles Weather

Going to the south this past month [from Nashville, Dallas, to Houston], while extremely lovely was incredibly, insanely, ridiculously HOT + HUMID. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciated having a constant moisturizing facial every single day from the hot hot heat, but at the same time…. nothing beats the perfectly cool, dry, always sunny weather in California. I think us Californians sometimes take this for granted.

For example, I live TEN minutes away from the ocean. TEN. Living in Santa Monica is glorious + the cool ocean breeze + perfect pink sunsets are the absolute best/most calming way to end your day. Almost ALL year round we can have outdoor events, because even if it is hot during the day, it always cools down in the evening.

Sometimes I miss my life in NYC. My friends. The hustle + bustle. The constant overflow of amazing activities. The people watching. BUT, then I remind myself of the weather. True, there is nothing more wonderful than May or September in NYC….everyone is outside + the weather is PERFECT. But 2 months of perfect weather does not nearly make up for the months of ice cold wind + snow [sometimes that seem to never end], or the hot humid heat of the summer [+ going down into the subway adds about 10+ degrees!]. All that to say, although I braved it for my 3.5 years in NY…. there is something so LOVELY + CALMING about having perfect weather all year round. Have I sold you loves on moving to the sunshine state yet?!

3. Mornings

Mornings are the BEST + yes simultaneously the worst for me. I used to be the girl that got UP bright eyed + bushytailed without any hassle + went straight to work. Talk about being a morning person! Sadly, the past few months I have been crazily struggling with mornings…. so I have made it my duty to HACK my morning fatigue.

While this is not an easy feat, I have been working diligently to bio-hack my mornings into a a time where I can have ENERGY + motivation for the day. YALL. This. Has. Not. Been. Easy. I have found that cold showers, water with lemon, ACV + sea salt, + some bulletproof coffee do JUST the trick to get my system jolted.

So now, while mornings can still be a challenge, I find that I love them most. This is my time to setup my mooring coffee [strangely something I look forward to like CRAZY in the mornings!]. It is my time to catch up on news. It is my time to workout. And it is my time to spend with Jesus. Morning are ME time, they are exactly how I love to start my days, reentering my mind + focus on peace + positivity for the whole rest of the day!

This last month, I had quite a few quite mornings + OH was it EVER SO SWEET! I truly cherish this time loves, it is so rejuvenating to my spirit.

Do you find yourself loving or hating Mornings?

So my dears, that is all for this month’s 3 things!! I am utterly + completely grateful for this month of June + the start of summer…. let’s do this! What are the 3 things you are most grateful for from June?

3 things black and red accents

3 things black romper red bauble earrings

3 things red lips red bauble earrings

3 things black romper red bauble earrings casual ootd

3 things black romper her boutique casual ootd venice

3 things ice cream black romper her boutique

3 things cuyana store venice slat & straw

3 things black romper red lips and accents

Romper: Her Boutique | Hat: Cuyana | Bag: Lo & Sons | Earrings: Baublebar | Sunnies: Raen | Slides: H&M

Photos by Emily of Love Emmarie

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