Hi lovely loves! How in this amazing world are you?!? I have been traveling the last 6 days so my sincerest apologies for this post being one day late per my usual schedule! I am enjoying every moment of this trip because….. well…. I get to experience LOVE, FAMILY, + good ole TEXAS! Those of you that know me, may or may not know [because some are confused] that I did not actually grow up in Texas. But alas, it is where my home is now + I couldn’t love it more! Speaking of this, you’ve all been asking me about where I am from, SO, this week I want to focus on taking you to my roots + letting you into a bit about my personal history as it relates to places + experiences throughout my life. YOU READY?! Let’s dooo itttttt!

First, which many people do not know…. I was actually born in Canada! YES, I am a Canuck at heart who loves snow + is overly nice all of the time [because all Canadians are so nice, amiright?!]. My entire extended family lives in Canada actually + my parents both lived there most of their lives! Although I don’t get to go back too often now, I absolutely LOVE Canada + went there a ton growing up. Lake Louise + Banff National Park are two of my FAVORITE places in all the world. Seriously breathtaking if you haven’t seen either one before [bucket list it now!]. Canada is a beautiful country filled with gorgeous natural sites + wonderful people…. Oh Canada, how I love thee [+ the Canadian citizenship is pretty cool too].

At around the age of 1.5, my family decided to move to the States. OH LA LA! Good ole ‘Merica! In fact, they ended up choosing one of the most quaint places EVER to grow up: Connecticut. This state is nothing short of rolling hills, TONS of trees, historic buildings  cute town centers, + the most lovely homes. It was pretty much the most ideal place to grow up + be a kid! Not to mention, mostly everyone who lives there has a family, which means…. TONS of neighbors + friends + outdoor activities galore! Growing up on our street, just about every single home was a family with kids. Many of the kids happened to be my brother + I’s age, so we played outside constantly with our neighbors: snow or sunshine! It was so ideal, I enjoyed every moment.

Yes indeed, I absolutely loved growing up in beautiful Connecticut. It was charming + quaint, + felt like a small town even when you were surrounded by so many other towns. We even had cute town festivals every year, like the Strawberry Festival that happened on the town green each summer! We would go to the grocery store + it would be like social hour because you would see everyone you knew in town…. HA! Oh but it was so fun. Living in CT even sparked my love for NYC as we were only an hour + a half away from it! Thank you mom + dad for allowing me to be SO close to my favorite city at an early age-PRAISE!

After growing up in Connecticut my family decided to move after my first year of high school. This. was. nightmare. news….or at least at first I thought it was! I had only known my friends in CT my whole life + now suddenly I was to move in high school!? Oh I was not a happy camper coming to this realization. So we moved to Dublin, Ohio which is right outside of Columbus. Ohio was vastlyyyyy different from Connecticut. I had rarely seen chain restaurants before coming to Ohio, let alone know what anything even remotely country was [true story].

SO we did it! We moved to Ohio…+ strangely, I actually ended up LOVING it. I spent 4 years there, made tons of friends, won best dressed in high school, started to appreciate the crazy snowy winters, + tasted Amish food for the first time in my life [nonstop homemade Apple Butter s’il vous plait!]. It was quite the experience, + one that I so loved + enjoyed. OH-IO you will always have a place in my heart!

From here, we moved to the infamous…. TEXAS, YALL. Now let me tell you, at first I was terrified at the thought of Texas. LITERALLY so scared. What was country music + people who wore cowboy boots on the regular?! Coming mainly from the East Coast, I had neverrrrr experienced such a thing in my LIFE! My stereotype of Texas in my head was that it was overly country + ridiculous. People in CT rarely listened to country music + surely would never go out of the house in a cowboy hat + boots with spurs.

The best part is, we moved to Texas + boy was my mind ever opened. Yes indeed, there were tons of cowboys + Country music for days… but here was also SO much more. There was beautiful countryside + amazingly diverse cities + the loveliest of people all around + so many polite manners + YUMMY TEX MEX + just about everything you ever could want in bigger + better form. This was TEXAS, YALL. It didn’t take too long for me to realize how much I loved Texas [I even got into two-stepping + country music on the regular, go figure!].

While in college in Texas, I took 5 months to study abroad in the lovely PARIS. These 5 months were some of the greatest of my life, even to this day. I was put into a totally unreal, different surrounding + forced to learn the beautiful language through an immersion program…. it sounds intimidating but for me it was a challenge that I would never trade for anything. These 5 months I learned a whole new culture, traveled all around Europe, + learned what it meant to make new friends + be unashamedly adventurous. Needless to say, I fell in love with Paris + have never since fallen OUT of love with it…. Paris, mon amour, you will forever have a place in my heart.

From Paris I moved back to Texas for a few more years. At this point, you guys are more up to date on the story, but after Texas I moved to NYC to pursue my career in fashion. Most of you know my story about NYC + how I landed my dream role as a buyer at Barneys New York. Oh I cannot even speak enough great things about my time in NYC…. the people, the energy, the activities, the architecture, the food, the fashion… NY quickly rivaled Paris during my time there. To this day, both remain my two favorite cities on the planet + each have equal spaces in my heart.

THEN! About about 3.5/4 years in the Concrete Jungle, I moved to sunny California. Los Angeles to be exact. I have now been here for about 2 years + LOVE EVERY SECOND of my sunny Californian experience. It is so incredibly different than NYC, but also beautifully similar in some ways.

So there you have it loves… thank you for sticking with me as I detailed out a bit of my history for you! I hope it helps you to understand even more about me + where I come from. In my next post, I am going to talk about the impact of moving to so many beautifully different places + how that has shaped my life indefinitely….Stay tuned!

Dress: Zara | Sunnies: Wyeth | Bag: HiEleven | Shoes: Sam Edelman | Belt: Vintage


  1. I enjoyed every word, especially backstory before CT. How fun! You’re my girl and I love everything about you, so reading whatever you post is always a treat for me! ?

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