Hello lovelies! It is FRIDAY + who is just as excited about this weekend as I am? As you read this, I am currently in Nashville on my way to a dear friends wedding… after Nashville, I proceed to Texas to see my family – YEEHAW, it is going to be 10 days of pure FUN!

Today, I wanted to share with you a bit about a day in the life of “Kaitness”! Truth be told, none of my days look all that similar! BUT, I do try to get a consistent rhythm in place when I can, because I love patterns and consistency. Have you ever wondered what it is like to run two jobs, manage a team, + take care of yourself all at the same time? You’re about to find out how I do it! Here we go!


Mornings for me usually start earrrrlyyyy. I am quite the early riser and love to start my day soon after the sun rises. For me that usually means getting up no later than 7am! Upon waking, I immediately jump into the shower for a COOL rinse, which helps to jumpstart your body into “wake up” mode, + lowers your cortisol, helps to relieve stress, + improves your alertness. I know it sounds like torture, but TRUST ME, it is worth it.

Next I go onto my morning cup o’ joe… also know as Bulletproof. Meaning, when you drink it you will be invincible!!! No, like really. Want to feel superhuman concentration + focus? I think YES!

Next I try to spend at least 30 minutes reading, praying, + then catching up on daily news [I like reading the Skimm]! It is super important to me to start my morning relaxed, prayerful, + concentrated on the positive. Sometimes life can get so busy that this quiet time in the morning is the first thing to go… but I try to make sure it happens as MUCH as possible. My days are just that much better when I start them like that!

I then usually dive riiightttt on in with emails, emails, emails… yes yes YES! I love emailing. I use the system Spark for organizing all my different emails + compiling them into ONE place so I can see them all at once, it is a miracle worker!


My afternoons vary for sure, but right now they normally include meetings + photoshoots for my company, KaitKat. If you are new or haven’t been paying that much close attention, you should know that last October I started my own business with my amazing bestie/fellow #girlboss Kat Hennessey! Together, we are KaitKat [HA, get it?!]

Kat is the FIERCEST, most bubbly, positive, creative, hilarious, lovely human EVER…. seriously my love for her is never ending [+ not just because she is my ultimate #PIC!]. Most days we are running ALL over Los Angeles having meetings or doing the most fun shoots. On top of that I always try to squeeze in my blog shots whenever I can. Talk about MULTITASKING!

I have to admit loves, there is nothing I love more than doing what I love MOST + having fun at the same time!


Let’s be hones here, most evenings I make myself a lovely dinner + hang with my boyfriend or watch some netflix. #REALTALK. There is nothing more lovely than a homemade meal where you actually KNOW all of the ingredients + know that you have spent time making a lovely meal for yourself. Talk about treating yourself a little bit + feeling healthy at the same time… am I right?! These are BY FAR my favorite kinds of nights [grandma status]!

BUT, alas, when I am feeling social + fun, I absolutely love to go out for vino happy hours. My favorite wine place of choice is Zinc Cafe, in DTLA. What most people don’t actually know is that you can buy yourself a bottle of wine from their cafe + actually bring it to the restaurant table! Hence, you are only charged the cafe bottle price instead of the table bottle price… say what! These little secrets make ALL the difference when you want to save some $ + have some lovely vino with friends.

No matter what, the way I love to end my evenings is with a HOT eucalyptus salt bath + burning candles. This routine perfectly winds me down, + allows space for my mind to calm + relax + prepare for a restful sleep. Speaking of, it is SO important to prepare your mind + body for good, restful sleep… do you loves make that a priority?

So there you have it! A day in the life of Madly Mignon! My days can be CRAZY busy, but I always find time to make space for ME + Jesus. Rest is such an important part of the grind. NEVER EVER sacrifice rest for more work. Resting will help your mind, body + spirit to be even more focused on what is ahead…. so MAKE IT A PRIORITY!

What do your days look like?

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