Loves are you like me in that you love each + every part of your outfit, down to the very accessories? The accessories are like the cherries on TOP of each + every outfit. The outfit may look oh- so amazing, but that is just the base. You then have to add the frosting to your cake! AKA: the accessories.

I loveeeee accessories, but after much consideration, I have finally landed on one accessory that takes the cake, over + over again [wow SO many cake references today, you’re welcome!]. What is my accessory of choice?

An amazing, statement pair of sunnies.

That’s right. I would take a statement pair of sunnies over just about every other accessory [now, granted, I don’t categorize handbags as accessories, they are just their own thing because let’s face it, us ladies would never live without our handbag!].

Sunnies are the perfect way to take our outfit to the next level. They also end up finalizing the entire theme of your look. Pair a bold black cate eye with a stripe dress + you have a retro hollywood look, but pair some gold aviators with a stripe dress + you have a casual California style look ala Sincerely Jules.

That being said, I was recently in luck because at last found the MOST amazing, wonderful, beautiful, statement sunnies by Wyeth Eyewear ! I am partciualrily obsessed with the Leona frame [the blush ones I am wearing in this post]. Not only are they feminine, they are also such a statement with their slightly cat-eye, thick frame.

Also you guys, I just have to tell you that the president of Wyeth , Steph, is SO BEYOND stellar! She ended up telling me that she thought of me immediately as the Leona frames were created, + I was BEYOND honored! I saw these girly, statement frames + immediately new I had to have them! Their team is so sincere, sweet, + wonderful. All of the eyewear is handmade + designed in Brooklyn, NY [shoutout to my last hometown!]. All that to say, when you find a lovely team of people who truly put their hearts into crafting their pieces, what’s there not to love… am I right?

So there you have it. Sunnies are my absolute FAVORITE accessory. Yes, I even wear them on “non-sunny” days. Now the question is, do you have a favorite pair of sunnies that are the perfect cherry on top to your outfits? [HINT: If not, check out Wyeth now!]

Top: Chicwish | Skirt: Zara | Shoes: J.Crew [old, also love] | Sunnies: Wyeth

Thank you to Wyeth Eyewear for sponsoring this post!

Photos by Emily Marie

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