LOVES! It was just too good to be true not to do a SECOND post about the incredible Marks & Spencer Campaign “Life. Spend It Well”. Last time I gave you my biggest practical ways in which I make the most of every single day! I smile [because we can never smile TOO much], + I step outside during my work day for some light + bright sunshine. Easy right?! Sometimes, it is not so easy when you are in the moment… but I promise it is worth it!

Today, I want to give you some of my absolute FAVORITE things to do to make myself smile! Something I try to focus on daily is making space to treat myself well [+ you should too!]. So what are my absolute top favorite things? Well, you’re in luck, because I am about to divulge them ALL!

-Dressing up JUST BECAUSE, without any true reason to be wearing something nice. It’s okay to feel fabulous!

– A long, hot, eucalyptus bath complete with soft tunes + the prettiest smelling candles. [I do this at least 2 times a week, + trust me it is WORTH it!]

-Sunset walks on the beach whilst listening to soothing music. Nothing says “clear your mind” quite like this peaceful time by the ocean here in California

-Buying myself flowers. Any flowers…. but preferably peonies when they are in season!

-A glass of wine… or two. Preferably my favorite Phantom red blend, or a lovely Rosé when it’s summertime.

-Lighting a bunch of candles. Lots of them. If I am feeling extra lavish, I go with Baies from Dyptique.

-Finding a yummy recipe on Pinterest + making myself a delicious meal whilst listening to some old fashion franchise tunes.

-Booking a spontaneous trip…. destination anywhere!

-Journaling the top 3 things I am grateful for… each day!

– A hot cup of coffee in the morning mixed with my morning reads. The ultimate morning uplifter!

There you have it my loves. In all, we should take a cue from Marks & Spencer + all do more things that bring a smile to our face!

What are your top favorite things to do to treat yourself?

Bathing Suit: Marks & Spencer | Hat: Marks & Spencer | Straw Bag: Marks & Spencer | Dress: Marks & Spencer | Shoes: Marks & Spencer | | Towel: Marks & Spencer

Thank you to Marks & Spencer + Shopping Links for sponsoring this post!

Photos by Kat Hennessey of KaitKat

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