Hi my loves! Today I am so excited to announce a campaign that I am a part of called “Life. Spend it well” with the incredible London based brand, Marks & Spencer! The theme of this campaign is to make the most of every moment by focusing on what REALLY matters. I absolutely love this + was thrilled to partner with Marks & Spencer on this incredible campaign!

So how do you do it? How do you spend your life well? Marks & Spencer believes that you should always burn the prettiest smelling candles, wear your best shoes, + drink all the rosé, even on a Wednesday… + I couldn’t agree more! We should ALL always take advantage of every moment by living our BEST lives. My friends + I started saying in reference to beautiful moments “oh girl I am just living my best life!”, + to be honest this helped to truly embrace every moment of joy + excitement + wonder! It was a reminder that this life is WORTH living, but even more worth ENJOYING! It is an ultimate gift that should be celebrated + cherished + enjoyed…!

“Every minute. Every moment. Every mouthful…. Spend it WELL! -Marks & Spencer

When you are living in + FOR the moment, it is SO vital to not worry about the past or the future. Sometimes we can get caught in a whirlwind of thinking forwards or backwards, but living IN the moment requires to be fully present with where you are today… in the NOW! Also, let’s just think for a moment about how FREEING that is?! To live in the moment + not worry about the burdens of the past or what lies ahead can literally lift so much anxiety off of us. I get a sigh of relief just thinking about that!

My lovely friends at M&S asked me to share what I do to make the most of every single day… + to that I say, I SMILE as much as possible, + step outside my office space into the light + bright sunshine! I have the beautiful luck of living in Southern California, where it is nearly always sunny, but even STILL we Californians can find ourselves stuck indoors all day work work working without barely seeing the light of day. My trick is to always take some moments throughout the day for self-care. Stepping outside into the sunshine can quite literally MAKE or break my day. It brings me joy, it allows me to take a deep breath + slow down. It reminds me that while there is so much going on around me, life is above all BEAUTIFUL + such a gift.

We all need to slow down + take in the incredible things that are happening around us. 

What are the things in your life that you do to “spend it well?”

Bathing Suit: Marks & Spencer | Skirt: Marks & Spencer | Hat: Marks & Spencer | Straw Bag: Marks & Spencer | Shoes: Marks & Spencer | Necklace: Marks & Spencer | Towel: Marks & Spencer

Thank you to Marks & Spencer + Shopping Links for sponsoring this post!

Photos by Kat Hennessey at KaitKat

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