Hi lovely dears! Hoping you all had such a lovely + incredible Memorial day weekend…filled with rosé + good times with friends, endless laughs + sunshine! My weekend was completely + utterly epic + is honestly one that I will NOT forget for quite some time.

On that note, do you ever find each month RACING by at the speed of light? Do you ever want to press re-do on the month you just came through, either because you want to rewrite it or because you want to RELIVE it?

Whether you have had a particularly hard month, or an especially amazing month, I encourage you to remember the GOOD that has come of each month. The truly, amazing moments or events that you look back on + say “Wow, that truly impacted me.” or “Gosh, that was something I will never forget.” In many ways, it may not be something that is OVERTLY amazing, but rather maybe something that sparked thought, change, or recourse in your heart. There are SO many things we can be grateful for. SO SO MANY!

Instead of focusing on the hurt + pain + sorrow + hard times, let’s refocus on what God IS doing even if we don’t have visibility to it. In fact, if you are going through a particularly hard time, don’t forget the Harvest is COMING [see more on that topic here]!

As it is nearing the end of this lovely month of May, I have decided to officially start a mini series with you, showcasing the importance of being GRATEFUL each + every month. Reflecting on the good of each month not only refocuses our hearts on the positive, but it allows us to not just graze over the amazing moments or take them for granted. Not to sound cliche, but each + every day truly is a GIFT. So here goes it!

What are the 3 things I am grateful for this last May?

1. Falling in LOVE. Yes, ooey, gooey LOVE.

I have to start with the most cliché of them all [SORRY GUYS!], but for the first time my dearest boyfriend + I pronounced our love for one another. LE SIGH. Just all the sighs. I won’t lie, I had been waiting about a month to tell him I love him…. I knew for some time. But alas I was patient + found myself so secure in our relationship that I knew I could wait to say it because I knew exactly where he stood.

How did he say it, you may ask? Did he say it overtop a cliff watching a sunset with fireworks going off in the distance? Nope….even better. He said it when we were vulnerable. When the Holy Spirit had just finished wrecking our hearts in the best way. When we both were emotional but equally on FIRE for the mission Jesus has put in our hearts. Funny enough, only 24 hours earlier from the moment he said it, emotions were high as we had our first “uncomfortable”, very long conversation. It was truly the most perfect of unperfected moments.

What really happened? We had just heard an amazing sermon at Vintage church + both felt the Holy Spirit reaching in + revealing things to our hearts. We were both SO incredibly touched + moved that we had to share with one another. When the Holy Spirit comes to sweep you off your feet, He truly does it so beautifully. We went to my car after service + were both sharing stories of what God was telling our hearts. As we were doing so, we started realizing that we are both on mission for THE SAME THING here in Los Angeles. HOW COOL IS THAT?! A couple united in the same mission for Jesus….hallelujah! In that moment, he paused, + said he had something to tell me. [CRAZY SIDE NOTE: The exact night before I dreamt that Cobus said to me “Kaitlyn I have something to tell you”… + here he was saying it to my face IN REAL LIFE! sayyy WHAT!] So, he proceeded to take off his sunglasses, look me in the eyes + tell me so perfectly “I love you.” Be still my heart, be soooo very still. But I couldn’t, it was bursting out of my chest. The weight of those words meant so much to me [+ they mean so much to me]. Oh, how I love him.

But friends something else I want to touch on right now is that truly, love is a VERB. Not to rip off the bandaid of your perfect view of feeling SO in love with someone, but I will tell you that love is not just a feeling, it is a choice.  I love the amazing Andy Stanley’s sermon on “staying in love”. Although it was released nearly 8 years ago, the facts still remain the same + so true. Love takes work. It is superseded by feelings with commitment + sacrifice + a constant growing + changing of our hearts. This topic is actually SO amazing, so I think I will save it for another post…. 😉

2. The opportunity to speak at my Church, Vintage LA on the topic of “How to Date well in Los Angeles.

This last month, I was asked by my pastors at Vintage LA to come + speak at our annual church retreat on the topic of dating. They had read my blog posts on dating + had also been speaking to me in depth about this topic [see posts one, two, three]. I won’t lie, my immediate reaction was one of pure excitement + nervousness all in one… but above all I was honored like nothing else. Me? Miss fashionista Kait, speak on the topic of dating?! Not many people at the church know who I am, so to speak on the topic of dating to a crowd who had little idea of who I am or why I have any credibility on this topic was at first intimidating. But alas, when Jesus calls you to step up, you rise to the occasion. I knew that speaking was less about what I had to say, + more about what Jesus had to say through me…. so I did. WHAT an incredible experience that was!

3. My summer intern, Emily. 

Emily just moved to Los Angeles from Oklahoma/Texas to begin a summer long internship with Madly Mignon. YOU GUYS. THIS GIRL IS UNREAL…see her blog here BTW!  This story is kinda unreal. Back in March I had posted on Indeed that I needed an intern. I remember praying + asking the Lord to bring me someone who loved Jesus + was also passionate about Madly Mignon + wanted to work + learn from me. I knew it was a tall order, but more than anything I love mentorship. Providing any sort of wise counsel + advice in the best way I can to others brings me SO MUCH JOY. The best part is, God knew that.

24 hours after posting the intern posting, Emily emailed me. The CRAZY PART was, she had not even seen my posting on Indeed. She had been prompted out of her own heart to reach out to me for a summer internship simply because she wanted to work with me. To top it off, I found out she loves Jesus. Are you laughing yet? I am! Because God is just so hilariously amazing sometimes that I can’t help but laugh + fully be in awe!

After speaking to Emily on the phone, I knew that God had ordained this very moment. He was smiling down at me so softly + wonderfully just saying “I gotchuuuuu, my darling.” Seriously, I felt His warm embrace + it felt SO so lovely.

So here we are, flash forward 2.5 months later + Emily has moved to California + is working with me for the summer… WHAT A TREAT to get to have the help of an incredible, passionate, dynamic, god-fearing woman who is just as excited as I am about growing Madly Mignon to all that it can be. I cannot wait for what is to come, + selfishly, you guys shouldn’t either because there are SO MANY GOOD THINGS COMING!

Anyway, that concludes the best of for May 2017… what are the top things you are grateful for from the month of May?

Top: Cop Copine | Skirt: Cop Copine | Sunnies: | Earrings: Baublebar | Bag: HiEleven | Shoes: Zara [old, but also love these]

Photos by KaitKat

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