My loves! My lovely lovely LOVES, how are you may I ask? I cannot believe it is nearly the end of May [one of my favorite months of the year!]. Today I have the UBER itch for it to be summer…. but to never END!

So today I want to talk about a fun topic that has been on my heart for ages! Do you fashion lovers ever find yourself stereotyped for ONLY loving fashion, + being such “indoor girls” that you would never EVER possibly be caught dead in sweatpants, or running around town in athleisure? Well here I am, to serve as living proof that this stereotype is NOT always true. I, myself, Kait, founder + creator of Madly Mignon, known for all things girly, DO indeed love all things sparkly + cute + french…. but in reality, MANY days I am at home in athleisure. I also enjoy an amazing outdoor hike as much as the next person. And lastly, I do not take 3 hours to get ready.

TRUTH TALK: I am not allergic to casual days + I don’t detest everything related to nature just because I love sparkles + wearing heels. 

Many times when I meet new people there is an underlying assumption that because I have my hair done, makeup on, + a cute outfit it automatically means I am extremely “high-maintenance”. SIGH. Indeed many often assume that because I always look “the fashion part” that means that I must be quote “hard to handle”. Well, want to know the truth friends? The serious, no hiding, REALITY of the situation is that under pressure, I can do my makeup in 5 minutes + my hair in 10… SAY WHAT! 15 minutes to get ready + be out the door? Yes, yes + yes. Do I always do this? NOPE. But, the point is that I CAN + WILL! Point being, I do not always have to be 110% on point.

Funny story for you loves! After discovering the joy of being in athleisure now that I am a business owner, I starting take advantage of the fact that I could work from home… all.the.time. One day I decided to venture out to a coffee shop, but didn’t particularity feel in the mood for doing my hair, or makeup. I thought to myself, “No one possibly will be out on a Tuesday at around 10am, you are totally safe.” So, I proceeded to go to a local coffee spot in Santa Monica. Much to my dismay… once I arrived I realized that all over my black cozy top was dribbles of toothpaste leftover from that mornings teeth brushing. TYPICAL, MESSY KAIT. GREAT! Well “good thing you won’t see anyone out!”…or so I thought. I was being especially incognito [just in case], when suddenly I saw one of our new KaitKat clients out of the corner of my eye. My face immediately turned into the wide eyed emoticon. The best part was, the client didn’t even recognize me because my outfit was so “out of character”. I was slightlyyyy embarrassed [mainly because of my clearly visible toothpaste stains]. Regardless, the client immediately left before I even got a chance to say hello.

Moral of the story, even if the client HAD seen me, I would have owned it. I do not JUST go out looking pretty + perfect every day. Indeed I value stretchy pants. I watch netflix. I go on hikes… + there are days I don’t wear makeup.

In tandem with this, often others assume that because I love all things fashion, I must neverrrrr be interested in the outdoors. To their credit, camping is not exactly my favorite pastime. In fact, I have never been camping so you can judge me all you want for that one [it’s okay, I fully own it!]. But what I DO LOVE is an amazingly beautiful sunset, a gorgeous hike, or a picnic just about anywhere. Okay, so maybe I am not sleeping every day in the wilderness + going on the most extreme hikes imaginable on the weekends… but I still LOVE being outside + enjoying the fresh air + beautiful sites that God has so beautifully created.

I realize all the while that the outfit in this post is farrrrrr from an outdoor outfit, + you mayyyy be sitting there giving me ALL the eye rolls. BUT alas, it still proves my point that while I LOVE dressing up, that does not represent every facet of who I am + what I enjoy. I am much more than just sparkles + loving all things French [although trust me, I love those things A LOT]! I sometimes do get ready in a jiffy, I do love being outdoors + taking in all of God’s creations, + I CAN dress in casual clothes [stretchy pants + toothpaste stains in all, am I right?!]

Just thought I’d let you all know… this fashion lady is much more than just an indoor girl. 😉 Who else can relate?

Live Loved -K

Blue skirt & top set: Chicwish | Jacket: ASOS [Old, similar here] | Shoes: Aquazzura | Lips: Sephora | Sunnies: Forever 21 [sold out but also great here] | Watch: Daniel Wellington

Photos by Kat Hennessey

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