Hello my loves! Or for this outfit, shall I say BONJOUR mes amis! Today’s adorable frenchie look comes from my newest favorite brand, Cop Copine! They amaze me with their frenchie flares + unique style, so of course I KNEW I had to partner with them! This incredible travel top has adorable parisian + travel motifs…. +, well, it just so happens to make me SMILE!

Something I have been trying to do a lot more lately is just SMILE. Smile when I am overjoyed, smile when I wake up, smile at strangers, + smile when I just feel like frowning. SMILING can actually help to change your overall spirit + also uplift those around you… even if you don’t even feel like smiling!…[something to think about]

Changing course a bit here, today I want to briefly talk to you about something I have been struggling with a LOT over the last two months: slowing down. But even more than that, QUIETING my spirit. If any of you are like me, the idea of being idle is completely frightening. You find yourself anxious when your to-do list is not filled with 10+ things at any given moment [all of them usually the highest priority]. You thrive off of prioritizing + checking everything off of your list. You feel the most proactive + productive when you are GO GO GO without a moment to even consider staying home at night to relax. You wake up ready to conquer the day + dive almost immediately into the thought process of what’s on the agenda + how you can be most efficient. Put a hand in the air if any or all of that describes YOU, through + through!!

For those of us that fit into the category of DOERS, quiet is not something we get a lot of. In saying the word “quiet” I do not even fully mean the actual physical “quietness”. Rather, I mean quiet in the sense of not being constantly busy both physically + mentally. Not having an overflowing agenda of work + new ventures + social outings. Not having our brain race at light speed in thinking about all there is to do. Quiet is too much of a rarity for us type A overachievers.

What would happen if we actually made time in our days to create quiet, whether that be physical or mental quiet? Physically limiting our to-do list would be great, + to that point, we have to learn to say NO to things + recognize the importance of personal boundaries.  But what if we at least focused on mental + spiritual quiet throughout our days? Practically, this just means making enough space in your days so that your brain + your heart are not constantly being overworked with thoughts about what’s next.

In quieting our spirits, we will be less distracted to better hear Him speak with even greater clarity.

“In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your STRENGTH” Isaiah 30:15

It is when we quiet our hearts that we are STRONG. It is when we are quiet our spirits that we can see CLEARLY. It is when we quiet our souls that we gain overwhelming PEACE. For us doers, this is so essential!

What are some practical ways to have quiet throughout your day? Here are some of my favorites below:

-Find a moment of physical retreat throughout your day. Maybe it is a 10 minute walk. Maybe it is 10 minutes of breathing. Maybe it is stretching. Find physical rest.

-Turn your phone on airplane mode at a certain time in the evening and do NOT turn it back on until the next day is well underway.

-Place daily affirmations/verses on your mirror each morning to remind you of each days purpose + help to redirect your mind.

-Say NO to social outings in order to rest. Or, put boundaries on the amount of time you spend at social outings

-DO SOMETHING. Even if you just open your bible to read one passage, do at least that. Something will eventually turn into more things which will later become a routine that you treasure.

-Spend time journaling. Practice writing down the 3 best things of each day at the end of every day.

-Take an extended bath (this is a personal favorite!)

-LIMIT your to-do list. This one is the hardest by far + takes the most time, but setting boundaries to your work + social calendar will help set you free of the constant brain clutter + allow space for more quiet.

These are some practical examples that I hope will be of help to you! Don’t worry, I am not an expert at ANY of these right now, I am still learning with you. In fact, I made a new commitment this week to focus on finding QUIET in each + every day + putting that as my priority.

So what do you say we challenge ourselves on quieting our spirits together?

Top: Cop Copine | Skirt: Uniqlo | Belt: Vintage | Shoes: ASOS | Sunnies: Forever 21 | Bag: Strathberry

Photos by Kat Hennessey

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