Hi loves! Thank you SO much for your overwhelming support on my last few posts, + specifically my latest post “Dating: The Struggle is [no longer!] Real” I cannot tell you how much your love + constant support means to me. I promise I will continue to get back to each + every one of you, all of your words mean SO much to me.

ALSO, gigantic thank you for your patience as I experienced some technical difficulties last week + this ENTIRE post got deleted… sigh!

Before I dive into my fashion love for today, I want to actually talk to you a little about feeling empowered to embrace change + discomfort.

First thing’s first. CHANGE IS NEVER PERMANENT. It is always temporary, because you eventually embrace the change + learn to live in it until it becomes your new normal. Through the years, I have learned that it is actually best to EMBRACE change. Often change is a time for God to grow, shape + mold us into the person He wants us to be.

Change is a door that leads us to step into the future God has planned for us.  

“Yet you, LORD, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.” Isaiah 64:8

What if we started looking at change as a means to refine our SOULS instead of as something that is awful + uncomfortable? True, it may be a bit awful + uncomfortable at times, but the refining of our should is STILL happening simultaneously, which makes all the discomfort SO worth it, wouldn’t you agree? I mean, it’s like when you take a bite of crazy COLD ice cream. You know your re going to get brain freeze + it may hurt + feel really weird for a little bit, but soon after that feeling dissipates + you are left with the sweet, lovely taste of the actual ice cream. The good stuff. The flavor changes + the true taste of the ice cream reveals itself. WHAT, I just related tasting ice cream to the refinement change + THAT was unexpected [also hilarious seeing that I am eating ice cream in this photoshoot!].

Not only did I want to tell you loves about just a few of my thoughts on change, but I also wanted to segway into a bit of FASHION talk with you loves. I am So thrilled to talk to you about this amazing website called TrendleeTrendlee is a website that provides lightly used designer handbags for a fraction of the cost…. which is amazing for us fashionistas who want to look chic but cannot always afford the price tags! They sell designer bags from Gucci to Prada, Celine, Chanel, Fendi, + more! This is the stuff of feminine fashionistas dreams I tell ya.

You can also sell your lightly used bags through them + make a profit which is so fun! Oh la la! I have not completed that process just yet, but am considering selling [only to likely buy something fun + new] on their site!

I hope you loves enjoyed this jumbled post of encouragement + fashion. I will probably continue to bring you posts both of fashion AND encouragement in the coming weeks… because I love the idea that fashion CAN be encouragement + that fashion can empower us. Let’s embrace that, embody change, + step into the BEST possible versions of ourselves!

Bag; Trendlee | Top: Zara [old, also love] | Skort: Asos | Shoes: Aquazzura | Lips: Stila

Photos by Kat Hennessey

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