Hi loves! Wow, the last two weeks have been such a WHIRLWIND. First of all, I must apologize to you loves for my lack of posting… there has been so many things going on that I can barely tell you about them all! I am going to use this post to update you on some of my life happenings + explain why I have been so absent, because I want you to know you all mean SO much to me!

First of all, thank you ALL for your amazing reactions, comments, emails, + messages regarding my recent post series: Dating: The Struggle is Real. WOW have I ever been amazedddd! After writing these three posts, I realized I needed to take some extra time to respond + have conversations with you all as it relates to your experiences + responses to what I wrote. I always want you to feel like you have individualized attention + also want you to KNOW in my heart of hearts that I truly + sincerely appreciate every comment + message. It means the world to me.

Next on the docket, is that I actually MOVED apartments. Although I lived in the most adorable apartment with my most amazing roomie, Jessica Chow [check her YouTube here!], I felt it was time to start over in a new place + save some $ in the process. Being an entrepreneur is INCREDIBLE, but it also means I have to choose to be extra careful with my money + invest as much as possible back into my business. My lovely friend Jess Hrovat approached me to live together, + it seemed like a beautiful match. Two days later we went apartment hunting + the last placed we looked at we FELL IN LOVE. I mean, it was the cutest little cottage that just felt like a home.After only looking at 3 places, we found the one that was perfect for us. For those of you that know LA real estate, that is CRAY CRAY. We applied for the apartment 24 hours later + 48 hours after that we GOT IT! Just 10 days after even considering moving, I ended up moving out + into this adorable cottage home with a backyard + lemon tree [that is also 10 minutes from the beach I might add…..DREAMS!]. Literally only by the grace o God could something happen that swift, seamlessly, + wonderfully!

Another life update is that I have been really focusing on my health. Last week I got extremely ill, which, on top of moving really set me back physically. I have been taking conscious efforts to truly focus on REST + relaxation + what that means for me in my life. REST does not just mean extra sleep, it actually means RESTING my mind throughout the day. Not overexerting. Not overcommitting. Spending quality time with Jesus. Making sure I am breathing. Avoiding anxiety at ALL costs. All that being said, the power of REST is so important for our health- body, mind, + spirit.

Last but certainly not least…. I have been slightlyyyyy distracted by something else that is OH so exciting, + is also a fun little update seeing that I just posted a series about dating [oh LA LA!].MORE to come on that, but just know IT IS SO GOOD. TOO GOOD. I cannot wait to share…. 😉

This next two weeks are filled with business + so many lovely things. It is my bestie, Jessica Hoffman’s, bachelorette weekend, then my business partner Kat’s birthday, THEN Jessica’s wedding, + then I am speaking in an influencer conference. PHEW I get tired just thinking about it all… but I promise I will be coming to you with consistent amazing content both on the blog + on Instagram.

Thank you for bearing with me, as always, + for always following along with joy, love, + support!

Top: Isabel Marant [old, also love]| Jacket: Flannel [old but also love] | Skirt: Zara [also in love] | Shoes: Chloe | Sunnies: Forever 21 | Bag: Zara [similar here]

Photos by Kat Hennessey

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