Today I want to talk to you lovelies about something else…being LACED with GRACE. Celebrating MLK day yesterday made me reflect quite a bit on freedom in our country and what it means to truly LOVE and ACCEPT those around us. One word that particularly came to mind over and over was grace. We too often than not do not have enough grace for those around us. When speaking to others, are we always cognizant of how we are talking to them? Are our words clothed in grace + love?

As I have been reflecting on how I am when I talk to others, I have come to the realization more + more that people so desperately want us to accept them, understand them, + have grace for their stories + differences. There are so many in our world and nation that are going through intense hardship + pain right now. We can do our part to show them grace by lending a space to let these individuals be heard. If we really want to get our hands wet, we can actually seek understanding + allow others to feel not only heard but understood. Can we challenge ourselves this year to clothe our words in grace + be on mission to hear others in our community + nation?

The amazing Tim Keller put it this way “For indeed Grace is the key to all. It is not our lavish good deeds that procure salvation, but God’s lavish love and mercy. That is why the poor are acceptable before God as the rich. It is the generosity of God, the freeness of his salvation that lays the foundation for the society of justice for all”

I don’t know about you, but I am empowered to be ‘laced with grace’ wherever I go this year.

Dress: Nordstrom | Blazer: Nordstrom | OTK Boots: Vintage [similar here] | Sunnies: Ditto

Photos by Kat Hennessey

4 thoughts on “LACED WITH GRACE

    1. Thank you lovely Lola! Awe honey you are just so wonderful! Thank you for the sweet comment + compliments <3

  1. Agree that people want to be accepted because nowadays lots of us suffer from ignorance due to our busy lives. Ignorance is one the problems!

    1. Yes that is so true! We definitely have to address ignorance + recognize that our culture is often susceptible to being in our own box + forgetting to look outside the view of our own lens!

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