Current Mood: single + fabulous! My life mantra at the moment… also my complete means of joy + empowerment every. Singlesness means I get to press into time with the Lord + focus on where He has me and what He wants me to do right now. Which means, impacting the world + being a killer #girlboss all the while refining myself as much as possible… heyyoooo!

If you are in a an era of singleness right now I am writing this to encourage you to NOT LOOSE HEART. You are in this season for a reason. Please hear me when I say, there is absolutely not one even small thing wrong with you. You are amazing. Actually, you are MORE than amazing. You are fearfully + wonderfully made. You are fierce. You are a conquerer. You are infinitely loved. You are truly treasured. You are royalty…. you are MORE than worthy. If you are in a season of discouragement through being single, I just encourage you to bask in the greatness of this single season. That’s right, get your comfy pj’s on, glass of wine in hand + face mask applied, write in your journal + press into ALL the good things that come during this time of solitude + rest.

The point of all this is to say… DO NOT LOOSE HOPE! Simply take delight in knowing you are worth every single ounce of pursuit. That day is coming my sweet darling, + I assure you all this time of rest will prepare you for that ever so wonderful next chapter of your life!

Jacket: Nordstrom | Turtlneck: Nordstrom | Skirt: [similar here] | Shoes: Stuart Weitzman | Sunnies: Vera Wang

Photos by Kat Hennessey


  1. WOw I loved this post and I couldn’t agree more about there being the single season for a reason. Like everything in life, we are dynamic creatures and it is important to appreciate ourselves. Women are so incredible and we can’t lose sight on growth and loving others. Thank you for the kind insight 🙂

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