Friends there may come moments when you are discouraged to the point of loosing heart, am I right? Today I want to talk to you about choosing JOY above all. Clothing yourself with an array of JOY + light + love. Joy is different than just being happy, Joy radiates from your inner most being….and let’s face it, the ruffles in this sweater bring me all the joy!

Trust me, there are many moments throughout the day when I do NOT want to choose joy. Like this weekend for example. Let me just give you a little example. I wanted to desperately watch the Golden Globes. I watched practically every movie nominated in preparation. There was only one problem, I did not have cable. So, I went to Home Depot to buy an antennae, YES, ME, Ms. Fashion girl went to Home Depot.. pretty much the last place you can ever expect to find me. All that to say I made it in and out in a flat 5 minutes [that’s a miracle, hallelujah!], went home to install my antennae, only to then realize my apartment is a complete dead zone. After setting it all up, I could only get a maximum of 9 channels… NONE of which were NBC. Imagine my annoyance! So in an act of determination, I proceeded to download “Sling” for a free one week subscription of online TV. No dice, NBC was not streaming the globes online on Sling. I tried one more place and STILL nothing from NBC. Alas, I was heartbroken… 2 hours later + still no watching Ryan Gosling win best actor in LA LA land. Oh the frustration!

For many, this kind of 2 and a half hour mission turned failure would totally destroy their joy. Thankfully for me, my dearest friend Jess was over to spend some quality girl time together + I was able to turn the night from a Golden Globe watching extravaganza, to a night of deep discussion on relationships and 2017 goals…. it was beautiful! I could have wallowed in self pity staring at my blank TV screen, but I chose to be present, be excited about sisterhood, and choose JOY the rest of the night which resulted in a beautifully fruitful evening!

See how choosing JOY above all basically always takes the cake?

PS. I hope this ruffle sweater brings you as much joy as it did me.

Bisous Bisous -K

Sweater: Chicwish | Pants: Rag & Bone | Shoes: Manolo Blahnik | Bag: Lauren Cecchi | Sunnies: Vera Wang | Lips: Stilla

Photos by Kat Hennessey

2 thoughts on “RUFFLES BRING ME JOY

  1. LOL! I’ve had so many Sundays where I’ve missed out on watching some of my fave award shows because I was working. I would envy those that got to sit on the couch with their friends and host viewing parties. But I later realized that that was okay. I didn’t have to watch every awards show, and that I could just be happy to watch the recaps the next day. Oh, and I don’t have cable either, I’ve had an antenna for years. I just started getting NBC reception 4 months ago. I guess it’s a hard channel to catch! I have Netflix and Hulu, which is enough for me because cable is such a rip off. I don’t mind watching new episodes a week behind everyone.

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