Today I flashed back in time just a bit, to an era of classy women. And sometimes we just want to feel classy, am I right? I recently did a photoshoot this week for my business KaitKat Creative Content at an old airport hanger in East Los Angeles. The little old man, Larry, carted us back + forth to the car to do the changes + treated us with so much compassion. While we were admiring his beautiful vintage plane [it was GORGEOUS you guys!] + using it as the perfect prop for our photoshoot, Larry offered to take us up for a flight in his little plane.

My initial thought was a vision of Kate Beckinsale + Josh Hartnett in Pearl Harbor… could that be me right now?!?! Then my mind flashed to my innate fear of flying… what happens if the plane crashes?! THIS IS A SMALL PLANE, anything could happen, RED ALERT RED ALERT! Alas, the shoot ended + the sun was about to go down + it was time… so.. I swallowed my fear + gave into my dreams of having a Pearl Harbor sunset moment. We hopped in the plane, took off, + watched the sunset over the mountains. When I say it was a dream, it truly was a moment I will never forget!

Too often I am just in awe of how God blesses us. It was a long shoot day, we were initially nervous about the flow of the shoot, but throughout the day everything went so smoothly. In moments of exhaustion, we prayed continuously thanking God for this opportunity. At the end of the day He then gifted us with the most unique experience EVER with the ability to FLY! Every day is different in this unique business venture, + there are not enough words to express my daily excitement for what the next day holds. But shouldn’t every day be exciting? Even if you know what your schedule looks like… shouldn’t we always be waking up more excited than the last day for what is in store?

Something to think about 🙂

Skirt: Chicwish | Sweater: Chicwish | Shoes: Stuart Weitzman | Sunnies: Vera Wang | Lips: Stilla

Photos by Kat Hennessey

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