Ojai is a small town about 1 hour away from Los Angeles, + it is just about the sweetest, most quaint village I ever laid eyes on! My business partner, Kat Hennessey, and I were so incredibly lucky to have been invited by the beautiful Ojai Resort to spend a weekend away! This lavish, stunning property has a plethora of amenities including locally sourced + delicious food, relaxing vibes including a gorgeous SPA + infinity pool, incredible views of the Topa Topa mountains, + activities galore!

Top: Alice & Wonder

There are so many lovely lilac nepeta plants adorning the landscape of the Ojai Valley Resort. They are the perfect accent to the already gorgeous grounds and are literally everywhere in site!


From the moment we got to the  Ojai Resort we were treated like queens…. we brought Kat’s dearest puppy, Penny Lane the pup, who is just the sweetest. Upon entry low + behold Ojai Resort welcomes pups with open arms! They even had a little doggie house right by the entrance… aka, they won our hearts over instantly!

After check in, we were carted [yes carted because the grounds are so lovely + grand] to our quaint room right by the SPA [they clearly knew us well]! We opened the door to our room + immediately it was bliss, complete with a fireplace, lush beds, + an oh-so lovely bathroom. We settled right into our lovely space!


During our time we were dying to try the locally farmed food at one of the multiple restaurants on property. We decided to have a lovely breakfast at the OAK where we were served the most decadent brunch of our lives… my mouth is still watering this very moment! We ordered eggs Benedict, gluten free nutella waffles [YES, this does exist], fresh berries, grapefruit, + some amazingly delicious almond lattes. Needless to say, the service was absolutely impeccable and our lovely waitress served us [+ Penny!] so perfectly. Not to mention the food was heavenly… I am still dreaming of that amazing spread [insert heart eye emoticon here]!

We also had to make a pit stop at the amazing Libby’s with some absolutely delicious coffees + treats. The staff here was beyond friendly to us as we chatted + snapped some shots of the cute interior! We of course needed to grab a latte….! How often do you travel + the coffee is just sub par at the hotel? That happens far too often to me, but thankfully not at all at Ojai Resort!


The grounds of the Ojai Resort are extensive + ever so grand. There is a golf course + multiple fields surrounding the property amongst beautiful views of the mountains. On one of the many beautiful fields we decided to host our very own KaitKat picnic with some yummies we picked up at the local farmers market. With views of vines + mountains plus sunshine on our skin it was quite delightful… not to mention that pumpkin goat cheese by Drake Family Farms [can I order that by the tub, please?]

Let’s not forget the endless amounts of activities on the grounds! There is no shortage of amazing things to do. I know one thing, when I go on a getaway I love to be able to stay somewhere + do fun things at the place I am staying. Going to the Ojai resort, you almost do not need to leave the property, you get an entirely true + complete Ojai experience right there! From golfing to shopping at the amazing boutique on property to taking a free bike ride around the grounds… there are endless options! Kat + I opted for a cute [yet short because I was wearing a skirt, ha] bike ride!

For a full list of all of the activities offered at Ojai Resort, click here.


Last, but certainly not least we made our way to the SPA at Ojai Resort, which was the cherry on top of the most perfect getaway. We relaxed in the whirlpools + steam rooms and enjoyed every moment of the sweet decadence peace had to offer at the SPA. There are so many incredible treatments to encounter at the Ojai Spa, or you can also just opt to use all the relaxing facilities. There is nothing quite like a spa day. Time that you are forced to just rest + relax [especially when it’s somewhere as beautiful as here!]

Overall, we will undoubtedly be coming back to the Ojai Valley Resort + urge you to do the same!

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  1. For a full experience of Ojai:

    Try a few local favorites:

    Farmer & Cook
    Hip Vegan
    Knead Baking Co.
    Food Harmonics

    In the Field
    Summer Camp
    Dekor & Co
    Tipple & Ramble

    The Mob Shop
    Porch Gallery
    Bart’s Books
    Meditation Mount
    Hike Shelf Road or Pratt Trail..

    And so much more…

    Ojai Valley – is vast and rich, support Small Buisness and adventure out and about, shop local!

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