What a beautiful time of year it is! I hope all of you lovelies are at home or somewhere lovely being cozy + relaxing while enjoying time with close family + friends. I am currently in my home state of Texas, but dreaming of being back in the mountainous, vineyard covered land of Ojai. I honestly had no idea how much I would enjoy Ojai until I started going multiple times in the last 4 months!

One thing I want to talk about today, is not being afraid of getting out of your comfort zone + exploring. As we round out 2016, I think we can all look back at this last year and say it was a tough year for our country, + our world. I certainly am always challenged to not take life for granted + am reminded to truly love, cherish, + appreciate this life I have been given. With that deep appreciation comes an equal desire to VENTURE into new + uncharted areas. With that I say, it is truly TIME TO EXPLORE! Whether that be to a nearby town just an hour away that is filled with beautiful sites + fun activities… or whether that be to the depth of a 4th world country like Haiti. My roommate just went to Haiti + truly had the most beautiful stories to tell about the culture + life. They are in ways richer than we are in life, joy, love, + faith! This next year, let’s take some risks and commit to having time to explore uncharted waters around us. I challenge you to make this one of your 2017 New Year’s Resolutions! Are you with me?

PS. Stay tuned for a full rundown of my Ojai excursions at Ojai Resort next week!

Cardigan: Nordstrom | Skirt: Old, similar here | Top: Vintage, similar here | Shoes: H&M  | Sunnies: Vera Wang | Bag: Gigi New York

Photos by Kat Hennessey

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