Another gift guide for you lovelies, + is one of my favorites….gifts for the hostess! You always want to bring a nice gift for anyone hosting a lovely themed party…. + gosh these also double as great gifts for friends in general!

Sugarfina candies make the perfect sweet treat gift for a friend or hostess. These special edition rose one are to.die.for… in every way possible!

My Swell bottle has been such a lifesaver, and is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to have a stylish water bottle that keeps are their liquids cool as a cucumber.

A cozy throw blanket is something your host or hostess will be SO thankful for in the coming winter nights. Even if they already have one, everyone can always use more cozy blankets. [a great excuse to cuddle, am I right?]

Everyone loves cheese. Even if you are lactose intolerant you still secretly LOVE cheese [even if you can’t east it]. So what better than to get a beautiful cheese board and cheese knives?  This one is under $30 + has marble [hello amazing photo food lays!]

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