Well lovelies, it is has been an amazing first year [and change] in Los Angeles. Something I knew prior to moving here from the amazing New York City was that deep down in my heart I wanted to start my own business. I wanted to do something entrepreneurial and different from anything I had done before. In many ways this blog, Madly Mignon, has done just that! It has been such a joy to grow this blog + share my style, advice, and oh so- crazy fun journey with you all! The joy I have had through this blog ingrained in me the desire to want to start something else on my own. As such, I started a soul searching journey since moving to Los Angeles to figure out what else I could do… and now the time has come!

“What in the world is this new venture?” you may be thinking! I am SO proud to announce the debut of KaitKat Creative Content. If you have been following along on instagram you have probably seen bits and pieces of this amazing new partnership come to life. My dearest friend, partner in crime (#PIC), and soul sister, Kat Hennessey + I have joined forces. With her dynamic photography skills coupled with her background in producing & consulting, Kat is fiercely talented. You may have already noticed some of her amazing photog work on my blog as she often takes my photos [SO FIERCE!]! Kat and I have teamed up to offer Creative Content for brands who desperately need to stay up with the demands of social media. We curate, style, produce + photograph a fashion shoot that in turn delivers amazing content for social media curated to each brand. With my skills as a blogger/influencer + luxury fashion buyer mixed with Kat’s extensive photography background + amazing eye for beauty, we are bringing retailers an amazing service for a fraction of the cost. Please check us out here + follow along on instagram @KaitKatcc. We could not be more thrilled to jump into this endeavor together! Also, if you happen to be interested in learning more please email us at

Just a quick note on waiting and navigating uncharted waters. If you yourself are in the waiting period, unsure of yourself or where you may be going next, let me be here to encourage you that God’s plan is always SO much better than our tiny human brains could ever imagine. Not only that, but His plan for our lives is often a lot clearer than we allow ourselves to see. I am not saying the plan will always be perfectly black and white, laid out before you on a cobblestone path to a beautiful white castle with your prince charming inside waiting [but wouldn’t that be nice?!], but I certainly believe He gifts us with a divine wisdom to make choices that follow in His footsteps. When it came time to leave my last job + step out into this new venture, I was more than certain that now was the time to fully trust in HIM. That is the beautiful part about being a follower of Jesus. We don’t have to have all the answers, our lives have already been predestined for us. WHAT!?! That takes a whole lot of the pressure off, doesn’t it?! It is such a beautiful thing to learn how to trust + in turn has left me with so much overwhelming peace in stepping out to do this new venture.

Let’s do this!

Dress: Chloe | Shoes: Loeffler Randall [old, similar here] | Sunnies: Barton Perriera

Photos by Kat Hennessey

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