Sparkle + shine your way into the new year with a fresh, new shiney mentality. It is 2016 + I am already feeling so refreshed + renewed! It may be the cliche thing to do, but one thing I love to practice is writing down all of my New Year goals. This year I had 10 focus goals for 2016. TEN!

One that I am making a top priority this year is to have 7-8 hours of sleep a night. This may seem CRAZY to some of you [especially you New Yorker worker bees]. Last year, I had on average about 6 hours of sleep per night or less… + I honestly felt pretty dang awful most of the time. Sleep is so rejuvenating for your body + can help heal + refuel you for the next day. So if you are reading this an it is after midnight… go to sleep!!

Another thing I am going to focus on daily, is continuing to own up to my glitzy glamor self. So many people tell me that I am a bit glamorous most of the time [as if it is a bad thing!]. But I am here to say, hi I am Kait + I love glitter + feeling pretty. That is just me. Not everyone has to love dressing the way I do, but it just makes me feel bubbly + lovely inside. It’s really just my personality coming out in all forms through my clothing. So YES this is another post with some glitter in it… but then again, this is me every day.

Own your style, + never be afraid to be a little bit out of the main stream when it comes to your fashion sense. Oh, + never let anyone tell you that you are too dressed up.

Top: Nasty Gal [similar here] | Skirt: Nasty Gal | Bag: Phillip Lim | Lips: Stila | Shoes: Sam Edelman [similar here] | Sunnies: Karen Walker

Photos by Frank Del Corral

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