As I look back at this last year I am truly in awe of all the trials, triumphs, adventures, laughs, + memories. Just one year ago I would have never thought I would be uprooting my dream life as a buyer at Barneys New York in NYC to drive across the country on a road trip to the Pacific coast + somehow end up the city of angels: Los Angeles.

 One thing is for certain-it has been a wild, wonderful, emotional, joyous ride that I would never change! Above all, this year I am thankful for all the times I was pushed outside my comfort zone to truly test my trust in God’s path over my own. It is amazing to see where I have been led today not because of my own ambition, but because God so desired for my path to change directions completely. I am so grateful for this mysterious, fun filled journey. Because of these great changes, I have gone from having my dream job but never having enough rest, to having yet another amazing job but way more balance + time for myself…. all because I trusted + had faith in a vision + plan that was greater than my own!

This year, I encourage all of you lovelies to think of ONE

WORD that you want to focus on this next year. My one word is WHOLESOME. Living a life of spiritual, physical and moral balance and learning to love myself and make time to rest + refuel when necessary.  What is your ONE WORD?

I cannot look back on this year without thanking you all for being such incredible supporters of Madly Mignon. It has been quite the journey! This year, I have had to go from multiple posts a week to about 1-2 posts a week, but I am SO thankful for all your support no matter what. Thank you for bearing with me as I have been pushed to my limit + challenged into new adventures. I sit in awe with excitement + energy wondering just what wonderful things will unfold this next year with Madly Mignon!

Without further ado, I have compiled a montage below on some of my favorite posts of 2015!

Happy [adventure-filled] 2016 lovelies!

























3 thoughts on “2015: A YEAR IN REVIEW

    1. LOVE YOU SO MUCH Sydney boo. Thank you for always being one of my biggest supporters, encouragers + constant source of joy. Love you forever <3

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